Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting smarter every day

So, here's me. I'm brilliant. It took me two blasted weeks to figure out how to add a bloody title to these posts. >sigh<

How weird is it that I love my SnB group after three measly weeks? I went last night and stayed out way too late. (Partying? No, knitting. I am so hip.) I knitted all night long and chatted with such neat ladies. Some have PhDs in crazy stuff like biomedical something I can't remember, some are barely into high school, some are grandmothers, some are mothers, some are happily not. I have spent, all told, maybe ten hours in the presence of most of these women, and I look forward to seeing them again all week long.

I knitted all night and finished exactly three inches of baby sock. I am one slow knitter. I turned the heel and picked up the gusset stitches last night, and frogged all that today when I realized that I was a little too tired for that. I'm not sure any of that matters, since I have actually never gotten that process right on the first try. I'm definitely getting a lot of practice. I need to finish the sock right quick, lest he outgrow them before they're complete. I only started them on Friday (has it been that long?) but those of you who've ever spent time in the presence of babies know that they grow whole inches overnight, and gain a pound while you blink.

I'd like to know if Gerber makes a Large Breed formula.