Friday, May 05, 2006

Wasn't there a song

About Desirée?
Desirée was my sockpal, and boy, am I lucky!

Last night my husband brought in this innocent looking little box:

I was feeding the Bug, so I figured it was just the dyes I'd ordered, and didn't get too excited. Then he read the label. YAY! SOCKS!
But there was so much, I couldn't believe it:

A lovely photo card, a hand-written note, two stitch markers my sockpal made herself (cute little wooden stars), some of the sock yarn for mending, two more balls of the same yarn in a different colorway, and (not pictured) a chocolate bar.

The chocolate bar didn't make it past breakfast this morning.

And here they are in all their glory:

Note the cool heel, which you can't really see in my lousy picture:

It makes this neat star pattern with decreases toward the center of the heel. I gotta find out how to do that heel. I kinda suspect it's the peasant heel style, where the heel is added on after the rest of the sock is knit. You know, because of all the extensive experience I got knitting those two pairs of socks in my WHOLE life.

I feel a little guilty for not including all the extras in my sockpal's package. This being my first swap, I was unaware of the unspoken "must add extra goodies" rule. I hope she's not too disappointed - I will do better next time, and I can't wait for the next swap to begin!

Thanks again, Desirée!


Dipsy said...

Wow! Such an innocent looking package, and such gorgeous contents - and yummy ones, when I think about that chocolate-pic... A day can't go wrong when it brings such a package with it, can it?

Shelley said...

Those are awesome socks!

Desirée said...

Hooray! I'm glad you like them. I wrote about the heel on my blog here:
(wouldn't fit in the window, so you need to put the link back together...:\...) There's a link to a free pattern. It's really easy and my new fav way of doing heels!

Are they long enough?!? ;) You said at least 12" so I just decided to use two whole balls (1 for each sock). The yarn I included is actually a different yarn (and lighter weight). I know there are areas of AZ that get cold but I didn't know if you were in one of those.

You didn't mention the fit.. do they fit well? *bites nails*

One more thing, there is a song called Desirée (two songs actually) and I was named after it! Well, I was named after the one by Laura Nyro. I love it. I put a copy on my ipod and it seems to play at just the right tiems. =) So cool that you knew that!

alison said...

Lovely socks! The heels are very cool. (PS - Don't feel bad about not stuffing your pal's package with goodies. I have absolutely no requirements about putting other things in the sockpal package. Doing your best to knit socks your pal will love is what the swap is all about. Looks like your pal did a great job with that!) :)