Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Well, the Yarn Harlot outed me. People have occasionally read my blog, but a scant few knew about it IRL. Now I can't hide anymore. (Not that I was saying anything I didn't want read; it was more a vague feeling that I'd think they'd wonder what the hell I had to say that was important enough to write in a blog.)
Anyway, now I have to be witty or something.
Hmm, not gonna happen.
Last weekend we went to the lake. I have quite a few lovely pictures of rain clouds over the lake, the sunset, what have you, but they are currently residing in my camera. I have been a busy bee since we got home, and it's not going to let up any time soon.
Monday I went hiking with the Bug in Sabino Canyon. I didn't even get into the canyon - I went to the top of the hill where the canyon "begins". There was a big orange sign about mountain lion activity and entering at your own risk. I had been planning to turn around there anyway, but that was added incentive. It turns out that there had been a couple of mountain lion sightings during a fire on another part of the mountain range, but nothing recently, and even those sightings were distant, with the cats moving away from those who'd seen them. I did not discover this until I'd thoroughly freaked myself out reading about what to do if attack was imminent. (Turns out you're supposed to RUN AT the mountain lion who wants to eat you, stopping short of its claws. Yeah, that last part, I get. The first part? Not so much.) Anyway, the ranger said I'd need to be more careful of snakes than of mountain lions. Snakes, I can deal with. (Really, how can you be that afraid of something you can step on?)
Yesterday was SnB. We went to a new place, and apparently their coffee is stronger than the old place - I might not need four espresso shots in each latte. I tossed and turned all night!
Tonight, margaritas with more stitching friends, and tomorrow, back to the canyon. (This time I'll bring a big stick.) Friday, one of the stepdaughters comes for a visit on her way to live with another of the stepdaughters in Oklahoma; Saturday, barbecue; Sunday, friends renew their vows after 40 years of marriage (40 FREAKING YEARS) and lunch with Dad. And maybe someday, knitting!