Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hellos and goodbyes

I was going to title this post Lazy Sunday, but I do believe that was last Sunday's title. I sense a theme.
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! There were roses, lots of fettucine alfredo, and an Ashford Spindle that has yet to arrive in the mail. Can't wait.
Anyway, I must say goodbye to an old and dear friend. He served me well for many years and kept me going when I was at my wits' end.

old friend Coffee

He gave it up the last time yesterday morning while trying to steam milk for a latte. I wish his end was dignified, but he went out spewing steam from every orifice. He will be missed.

Well, he was missed until yesterday afternoon, when my new love came a-calling.

new friend Coffee

He's so shiny.

Bug says, "Sometimes, dinner is just too boring.

new friend Coffee


Jaimi said...

Wait! Don't men usually fall asleep after dinner?

Cindy said...

I couldn't make the link work, but is the picture you were talking about? Adorable. Thanks.

Tally said...

You had posted over on Harlot about Hummingbird having DPNs. They do make them. Check the eBay store. Also, they will make them to order, I believe.

Cindy said...

Between "sleeping baby in highchair" and "baby butt", I don't know. Both are beyond adorable into way cute. Thanks.