Wednesday, October 11, 2006


That was a really kick ass movie, by the way, which is causing me all sorts of weird dreams involved Reavers and yarn. There was no yarn in the movie, although that would have been the only thing to make it better.
No, the Serenity I experienced was brief and wonderful.

  • It was two hours at SnB.
  • It was Sarah reminding the waitress, who is also cool, that I like piles of whipped cream on my nonfat latté. (what?)

  • It was actually knitting to the end of the ball of yarn.
  • It was winding one of the other balls on my little swift and winder at home.

  • It was NOT the discovery that I have two balls of Frill left, not one.
  • It was NOT the discovery that the toilet has an issue shutting itself off when it refills the tank after a flush.
  • It was NOT the realization that the toilet ran for close to two hours while we were out to dinner.

  • It was NOT the fact that two hours gives the water a LONG time to seep into the carpet of both my bedroom and the guest room, which will be in use on Friday.

  • It was NOT the realization that my carpet is so dirty underneath that it looks like mud and smells like wet dog.

New carpet to be had when I can figure out where DH, the Bug, three dogs and I will live while all the bedrooms are ripped up.
Very soon, there will be a break in the busyness and by all that's holy, I will have some good knitting time.


Carrie K said...

I still haven't seen Serenity. I should never have found out who dies, but then I would have probably thrown things at the movie screen. Alas.

So. While they're ripping up your carpets you can serenely knit? No?

Michelle said...

I totally understand the idea of whipped cream on non-fat lattes - I do the same thing! I have a rule: Never say no to whipped cream (this applies in and out of the bedroom). Ok, I usually don't talk like that and I'm looking fashionable today - perhaps I'm ovulating?