Monday, February 19, 2007

It begins.

Saturday I had reasonable success at home, playing with The Bug, casting on Faina, working on my sock a little, and generally feeling good. Sunday hit me like a ton of bricks. It was cloudy, the Bug was fussy, the house was messy, and I felt like a slug. I didn't knit, I sat on the couch and watched movies with the Bug, and then played on the floor with his blocks when I started to feel guilty about how much tv he was watching.
Already in a bad mood anyway, I decided to seal the deal. I looked online for shorts and bathing suits. I'll state right away that I am a Large Marge, and am supremely picky about clothes anyway. I have no delusions about my weight, my size, my rolls, whatever. The thing I DON'T understand is this: if the Health Department is so busy wringing its collective hands about how one in every four Americans is obese, WHY DON'T CLOTHING STORES REFLECT THAT? Why are there 90 bathing suit choices under size 14 on LLBean, but 14 choices OVER size 14? If 25% of the population needs those clothes, why the HELL aren't there 30 styles? Why, in Target, are there two hanging racks and one shelf unit of plus-sized clothes and a WHOLE FLOOR SECTION of "misses" clothes? Why is it so hard for both clothing manufacturers AND store buyers to understand that fat chicks need attractive clothes too? (These are the same people who groan and grimace when fat girls show skin. Gimme a break y'all, either sell us some clothes or get used to mushroom top and holey t-shirts.)
Now, I know all that dreck about eating healthy and Movement instead of Exercise, and all that schtuff. But DUDE, I have a whole person to lose, and statistics are against me. (Not to mention the fact that I'm supremely lazy, addicted to instant gratification, and have a penchant for eating, well, whatever I happen to lay eyes on.) Anyway, even if I did start right this very minute and lose steadily at a healthful rate, no slipups, no "breaks", no plateaus, it would be a YEAR before I get to goal. Am I supposed to continue wearing my maternity swimsuit and the same ratty two pairs of shorts (that don't fit well anyway) until then?
I have this same rant every spring. For some reason it's easier for me to find jeans and pants than shorts. Why? Are my knees too fat to be shown in public? And don't get me started on "active wear". If I'm fat and I need to get active, don't I need good bras and unrestrictive clothes? Yeah, now try to find some.
Also, if anyone is offended by my use of the word "fat", tough. My blog.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled, mostly reasonable knitblogger.