Friday, March 02, 2007

Mild disappointment

I wore my lovely fetchings all day yesterday, and they kept my hands nice and toasty. They did NOT, however, keep their shape. I used Shine Worsted, which is a cotton/modal blend. I should have anticipated this based on what I've read, but I have not been knitting long enough, or enough types of items, that I have had experience with the way various fibers wear. Anyway, they did lose their shape, but Pixie suggested a few days ago that, instead of ripping the original version, I could tighten it up with stretchy nylon filament. I will toddle off to JoAnn's later today and get some of that stuff to thread through a few rows at the fingers and the cuffs, and I suspect that will do the trick. In the meantime, I have some Regia bamboo/wool blend sock yarn that is trying to convince me that its beautiful colors should not be exiled to the dark confines of my shoes...
In Faina news, I picked her up again last night, and realized that I'd made a mistake somewhere in one of the previous rows. I ripped, and ripped again, and ripped some more, and finally, about six rows down, was able to find a good row and find my place again. Negative progress on the Faina. ...sigh... Oh well, it's all about learning the whole chart thing. (That's what messed me up the most - I ripped two rows and went down two rows on the chart, trying to get it to line up. It took me the better part of an hour to remember that the chart only shows HALF the rows. ...sigh...)
Also, is it just me, or, now that you know how to Make Good Stuff with your knitting, do you suddenly feel like you can improve almost every product on the market? I have been thinking about getting a chart keeper, and before I have even seen the thing, I'm think I could cover it in fabric, make it look like a little book, with a sweet little snap closure, and... Gracious, there is not enough time in my working-outside-the-home life to get all Laura Ingalls again.

Walked yesterday: 1 mile