Friday, March 30, 2007

New and improved! Now brain-free!

Seems my doldrums started as the beginning of some heinous bug I have caught. I am not feverish, my nose isn't running, I'm not sneezing, but I have the chills and a set of body aches that's about to break me. I got up to go to the bathroom last night, and in the two minutes I was out from under the covers, my teeth started to chatter so hard it woke up the DH and he kindly brought me more blankets. Tylenol is making a tiny dent, but only a tiny one.
And so, since I still owe the company PTO, here I sit, at my desk, infecting everyone else. Lucky coworkers...
Anyway, I took pictures of Posh sock yarn, and Classic Elite Four Seasons with my new Classic Elite books, and even some baby sock yarn skeins, left from last week when I slashed my sock toes and reknit them. (The baby skeins entertain me to no end.) I even swatched the CEFS and washed the swatch! Alas, I have no proof, as I took the photos and then left them safe and snug in my camera. Sigh.
Since I have nothing to show you, I will point you here. The middle one is my fav.