Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gifties, socks, and a public service announcement

First, the public service announcement:

"To whom it may concern: If you cannot pick up your feet when you walk, you MAY NOT wear mules, slides, or clogs of any kind. If I can hear each step as you walk across the floor two hundred feet and several walls away, this applies to you. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter."

I think my dad gave me that particular pet peeve. As a kid I must have scuffed an awful lot, because I remember being told on more than one occasion to PICK UP YOUR FEET. I have taken this to heart, and do on occasion scold my youngest stepdaughter (goodnaturedly). She has taken it to heart as well, and before I can say anything, she looks at me, grins, and scuffs harder. Aaaah, teenagers. (Incidentally, the person who inspired the PSA is an adult woman who works in my building as a temp, and I truly can hear her from across a floor that holds two hundred cubicles. I can only guess what it sounds like from the floor below.)

Here are my sockpal socks.


Do you love them? Because I'm not sure I do. I think the yarn is neat, and I think the pattern is neat, but I don't know if I feel the love for the two together. However, my pal asked me to surprise her, and I think these do the trick. I also admit to a clear prejudice for solid or semisolid yarns on patterned socks, but since many many knitters enjoy patterns with variegated yarns, I shall persevere and hope she enjoys them.

And finally, gifts for me! First, the haul. Jen clearly spent many hours thoughtfully wrapping up this package. Check out the little book she made with snippets from the first book! Check out the little treasure chest with socks, needles and stitch markers! Check out the coordinated Ravenclaw wrapping! I am not worthy (but I'm keeping it all anyway!)


Here are the goodies. YAY FOR ME!


Socks, stitch markers, Lantern Moon Sox Stix, a vanilla scented candle, chocolate, Persuasion by Jane Austen (YAY), a handmade Hogwarts book, Ravenclaw colors of Peruvian Highland Wool, a pretty little chest, and a Fairy Catching kit.

Here are the socks. YAY FOR SOCKS!


They are so soft and snuggly, I love them! Now I REALLY need to get some clogs or birks to show off my socks. Jen, what's the pattern? It looks familiar but it's not coming to mind right now.

I actually received this package on Saturday, but kept it for today because I knew I wouldn't have time to savor the experience. THANKS LOADS, Jen! I love it all.

The Bug thinks he's going to sneak in and get some chocolate...