Monday, July 16, 2007

I know, right?

The above phrase is said often by my oldest stepdaughter. It drives me absolutely batshit. She has achieved the ultimate in domination over the stepmother* though: she got me saying it.
And that has nothing to do with anything.
I have a FO, yo.
Hogwarts socks, to be specific, to be express-mailed to my pal since I wasted every freakin' available minute to work on these socks. I hope she likes the package, and I hope she gets the durn thing before Saturday. (C'mon, post office people!)


Do please ignore the jogged jogless stripes and the laddering. I 'spect that both will even up after a good machine washing, but as I am a giant chicken and do not have the time to knit my pal another pair of socks, she'll have to be the guinea pig.

Annoying thing #17: my office is so quiet and the cubes so small I can hear my three nearest neighbors chewing. One likes espresso beans, one eats popcorn frequently, and MDC (most despised coworker) eats carrot sticks ALL AFTERNOON. I think she knows it's loud or something, because she'll [crunch], wait a minute, [crunch] again, another minute, more [crunch], and finally she reaches the tolerance level for crunch noise, and chews regularly. I swear I was not kidding when I said I could hear them eating. (I myself must sound like a doritos commercial or something...)

Happy thing #59: I got my package from MY Hogwarts swap pal! I haven't opened it yet - I am saving it until I know my pal's package is on the way. I will report back on that, but given the work she put into the BOX, I think I'm in for a treat!


I opened it this morning and found a whole box of presents wrapped in Ravenclaw-blue tissue paper. Hee! Today looks to be a crazy day too, so I might have to wait until tomorrow to give this package the time it deserves...

Mature thing #1 (those don't happen as often): I immediately cast on for my sockapalooza socks. Knit! Knit like the wind!

Adorable thing # 947892109.3
Daddy made mud this weekend, and the Bug took full advantage. It took two hosings and a shower to get the leaves and mud out of all the crevices.


Having a drink. I've tried to stop him. It doesn't work.

Mud rules.

*I went to California Adventures and took a quiz, and I am most like Cinderella's evil stepmother. Heh. I put it in quotes, though, because I'm closer in age to oldest SD than to her dad, so I'm more just the annoying younger chick he married...