Sunday, April 27, 2008

G is for...

Last post I got all political and opinionated about the Mormons. There were some interesting comments and it made me think, and I hate that. Heh. Anyway, I still feel like there's some persecution going on there. I'm not suggesting those people aren't messed up and that their kids won't be better off away from the brainwashing. (I'm not suggesting they ARE and WOULD, either - I don't know enough except from the "news media", and that is questionable as a source.) I AM suggesting that authorities and the media are holding these people to a standard that "normal" people are not held to. For example - *gasp*, *shudder*, those poor 16 yr old girls who have babies! Oh no, the evil men must be responsible and we must take these children and save them! Unless they're a 16 yr old who got knocked up on prom night. *She* is dirty and should live with the consequences of her actions.
Um, what?
Oooh, look, I got all political again.
Anyway. I am not going to talk any more about that on the blog. I'm sure the FBI have me on some sort of anti-Homeland-Security list as it is. (Incidentally, iffin you wanna read about some dumbass homeland security bullshit, check out this post. And then wonder why I want to move out of Arizona.)

However, I started this post not to talk about political growth, but the more natural kind. I've been reading about how gardening is the super-important green thing to do. I suck at gardening. Don't like growing things, don't like eating vegetables, don't really like doing things that take any energy or exertion at all. For whatever reason, I felt like I needed to do it this year. The Bug loves veggies, and even more, loves watering the one tomato plant I have on the patio. When he walks by the plant, he says, "I helping Mama!" every time, and he really enjoys it. So, a (small) garden it is.


The DH built me a little raised bed this morning, and I dug up the ground underneath. (As much as possible, anyway; the soil we have here is terrible terrible stuff.) We went out and bought a yard of "sandy loam" planting mix. Behold, my box of dirt.


Now to find some plants that will grow here. Tomatoes, bell peppers, serranos, cucumbers, beans?

Also growing... The Bug had his first barbershop haircut yesterday.


He looked so tiny in that seat, but he looks like a big boy now, not a baby. Sob...