Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What day is this?

Cuz I have not the foggiest notion.
Yesterday was a stellar day, folks. (Looking up, I see yesterday was Monday. Another reason to love forced retirement - when was the last time YOU had a good Monday at work? I certainly never did.) Yesterday I took Squeak to the doctor to check his recovery progress and my beloved pediatrician said his condition showed "remarkable improvement" and told me to go away until my next well-baby check up. I puttered on the computer, I tidied the kitchen and the living areas of the house, I planted flowers, I sat outside and knit with my Squeak.


It's hard to tell, but he's holding my knitting - that's the first photo of my progress on Mary Jane, which has been chugging along slowly for the better part of this month. (Since shortly after this post, in fact.) I'm using the gold soy yarn, and knitting top down. I am thisclose to putting the sleeves on waste yarn, which means each row is about 400 stitches long and takes about half an hour at least. The body, when I finally get to it, will simply fly, I think.

The weekend looked much like this:


That's our back yard, which DH spent much time cleaning. (I only pointed out once that it wouldn't take all weekend plus if he did it more often than once a year. Look at me! A model of restraint.) That's the Bug revelling in the ability to see the dirt and dig in it, instead of playing in dead leaves, sticks, and destroyed toys. That's the Bug wearing a sleeveless shirt outside in January and being perfectly comfortable.

In other news, I found this interesting little website, walkscore.com. It rates the neighborhood around an address in terms of "walkability", which I believe depends on the number of goods and services that can be had within a reasonable walk. It also serves to show one's prejudices when it comes to walking. When my cousin lived in Santa Monica and I'd visit, we'd walk everywhere. It was a mile to the beach and less than that to grocery stores, restaurants, shops and movie theaters. Here in my neighborhood, there is no beach (alas) but it's still less than a mile to grocery stores, restaurants, shops and movie theaters. (Okay, it's a little further to the theater, but not by much.) And yet, it feels like it might as well be 20 miles away for all I think about walking to any of those things. A few years ago I noticed (as I was driving by, natch) my neighbors walking to the mall at Christmas time. The mall that is about 1.3 miles from our houses - the mall that would require parking ALMOST that far away at Christmas time - and I thought they were nuts. But are they really? This whole time have I been holding on to the myth that out in the west a car is NECESSARY in life to get anywhere, when in reality I rarely go farther than 2 miles from my home in any one trip anyway?


Years ago I remember my father commenting, upon seeing a young woman pushing a stroller along the road in Phoenix, how sad it was that "young people today" have babies before they were financially ready. I am starting to see that I took away from that single comment the idea that walking was for poor people and that she must have been poor, instead of either out walking her kid for enjoyment, or making an environmental choice, or any other number of reasons. (I'm pretty sure that was how my dad meant for me to interpret it.) In the past if the family walked to a restaurant or the drug store, I'd feel all self-congratulatory and smug because I'd done something "green" and "exercise-y". I'm coming to the conclusion (slowly, cuz dammit I loves me some misconceptions) that I should in fact feel slightly ashamed when I DON'T walk to these places.

And now that I have finished navel-gazing, I will leave you with a photo from Friday's doctor visit - Squeak had a diaper blowout (no, there's no picture of that, I have SOME standards) and "got" his blankie, so the nurse gave me a bag to put it in for the ride home. I am DEEPLY entertained by her selection.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's a good thing I don't have to work on Monday

Cuz if I did I'd have to call in kid-sick.
Squeak has a cold. One of the nasty ones that are relatively harmless in children over a year, but ugly in babies. I thought it was croup but he struggled breathing so much yesterday morning that I went to the pediatrician anyway. It was only due to the fact that our ped is my friend that Squeak isn't actually hospitalized right now - it's RSV season, and my boy has himself a case of it. My ped considers me a rational and intelligent human being (comments from the peanut gallery notwithstanding) so he presecribed a nebulizer and the appropriate drugs and I get to treat my little beast at home. (They even helped me get one no-cost since my COBRA hasn't kicked in and word on the street is that reimbursement is a bitch.)


(That totally looks worse than it is, I swear.) It's only been a day but he's breathing a little easier with the treatments, and sleeping and eating better. (Oh how I hate these things that have to run their course and can't be cured with meds.)
Ironically, I had one of those mask and nebulizer setups as a child due to raging asthma, and that first whiff of albuterol mist gave me a serious flashback...

Anyway, it's Saturday, and I have a sky. Since Bug is the only one in the family who really gives a rat's tuke that it's Saturday, I'm impressed that just this once I got it right.


(I'm not gloating, Lene, I swear.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I could get used to this

I'm kinda liking the idea that I don't have to go back to that particular place. (I found out recently that I'm actually not allowed to.) I cleaned out my desk last night and brought home all the detritus of six and a half years of my life at that place, and now I'm free of it. The DH is of the opinion that we can make do without my paycheck for a while, so currently I'm coasting, and I'm rather enjoying it. It's astounding, though, how my mornings disappear. BS (Before Squeak) I woke up fairly early, so my mornings were as long as my afternoons. Now, I don't get around to showering and breakfast until 10 or 10:30, and damn, then it's lunchtime, and before I know it, it's time to pick up the Bug and have dinner.


Attention, knitbloggers who live in warm climates, and knitbloggers who live in damn cold places but who have pictures of summer stashed somewhere: it's about time for the annual Warming Joan photo project. Start collecting photos of warmth, flowers, people in shorts, etc. Pick a day and post something that will warm Joan up despite the howling gales outside her windows, or post every day, until the snow melts and her garden starts bringing on the green again! (I'll start posting them on February 1, but you can start earlier iffin you wanna.)


Imbrium reminded me about Jonathan Coulton the other day. I am ashamed to say I'd forgotten. Some of my favorites, romantic ballads all:

Skullcrusher Mountain
I Crush Everything
The Town Crotch
Baby Got Back
Re Your Brains

Do go to each page and play them - you won't be sorry. (If there's not a link at the top to play the song, click the Download the MP3 link and it will play.)


Since I'm saving my flowers and park photos for next week, here are some others. First, you know you wish you were me.


Custom-created just for me by the talented Opal. It's quite possible I will never take them off. Sent with some sweet little stitch markers and some chocolate that got opened almost as fast as the earrings-package did. (I had to - when I started opening the package, Bug came over and said, "What is that present for me?" Heh. I had to share.)



Say what now?
say what now?

Hey Aunt Cookie...
hey Aunt Cookie

Sunday, January 18, 2009


The DH has been gone the last few days, driving his beloved truck north to his beloved daughter, who bought it and now I have one less beloved payment. He will be home tomorrow, and there's a chance I will survive his absence. (Yeah, I know women do the single motherhood thing all the time, successfully, and yeah, some guys too, but DAMN it's hard to go from doing almost nothing to doing it all.) I went to McDonald's playland, where the Bug announced, "I can't play here, because I can't play with girls." o.0 Then we went to the ice cream store (cuz Mama ate all the frosting in the house).

Since he didn't run himself into a long nap at McDonald's, I sucked it up and GASP went to the park. Bug took it easy on me and didn't run off like a maniac. (He did that once the other day, headed toward the pond, and when I started to run after him, the milk factories did what they are wont to do when I run without a sports bra, and the DH nearly split in two from laughing.) Happily the three little hoodlums (all of five years old each) didn't pick Bug when they decided to beat up a kid, and instead picked another kid whose mother should have thrashed the crap out of all three of them, since their own mother did nothing but continue to pick the grass off her sweater. (There's something wrong with a world when the kid who gets hit has to go home and the kids who did the hitting continue to play.)

Today, I actually COOKED LUNCH. And planned to COOK DINNER, including CUTTING UP RAW CHICKEN. These events are rare enough that they really should have little fireworks behind the text or something, but I am too lazy to look up how to do that. I went to the grocery store, people. And I didn't die! (Don't tell DH, he'll want me to go more often than once a year.) Also, remind me that if I want a big fat chocolate bar or some ridiculous brownie thing (or more frosting) I should prolly not go to the health food store. Dammit.

Now I might go knit. Or maybe I will go lay down somewhere and stare at the wall. Or maybe I will go find out why my kid is naked.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Cookie's Birthday!

She knits, she rants, she knits some more, she sends lovely gifts and virtual hugs and outs friends on their birthdays. I couldn't wish for a better friend. Go now and wish her a happy one!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I remember you...

"...didn't you used to blog once upon a time?"

Yeah, so I disappeared for a bit. (ETA: interesting - I thought it had been much longer since I'd blogged.) I have all sorts of excuses, but the main two reasons are that the router died so I have to use DH's computer (and crappy monitor and standard keyboard) instead of my own (with its fantastic monitor and ergo keyboard) to access the internet. Plus I have to wait until he's not "working". The other reason is that I have no concept of days or times anymore. I actually have to look at the monitor to determine what day of the week it is. Today I woke up, dragged my overtired self out of bed and into the shower, got dressed in actual matching clothes, put on MAKEUP, dragged the baby to the doctor and said, "I dunno what time our appointment is, but I think it's 9am." She said, "No, it's 9:45. On Thursday."
Le sigh.
Double le sigh because I got laid off today so Thursday I have no health insurance, but I had it today.
Le sigh.
Le sigh.
Happily, DH seems to have jumped through all the Evel Knievel style hoops his old company set forth for him, and ostensibly has his first check on the way. Thank goodness, because I immediately searched the job boards and there are NO jobs in my field in my town. Alas. Or not really, cuz I didn't like my job. Wish I knew what else I was qualified to do.
Due to that fantabulous turn of events and some other crappy stuff that happened to my local knitbuddies, we are taking knit night to On The Border for guacamole and margaritas. I do not expect this to help me with the whole what-day-is-it thing.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

an embarrassment of riches

Woo, I got a package in the mail yesterday, from the Yarn Fairy! She doesn't call herself that, but who else would have found this adorable card?


And the inside:


I'm still LMAO about it, actually.
It brought friends, too.


Ground up babies and silky wool. Woo, I'm one of the cool kids now! Not pictured, the maple candies and the fudge, cuz, well, we ate it. (Not all of it, but it's much less photogenic now.)

Monday, January 05, 2009


Yes, I am a big chicken. Somewhere back in time I made this statement about ripping out what wasn't finished by the end of the year. Yeah, not gonna do that. It was a welcome push to get some things done, though, and it did help me to get a few things off my psyche. The horrid lace and sonnet were ripped, Haiku was finished, and .... hmmm, a couple other things I can't quite recall at this point. I made some progress on the other things I had going, I knit scarves for The Aunts, I enjoyed myself. Now my plan is to not beat myself up about having those WIPs. When the time comes that I can't think of what I want to knit, I'll look at my little list and pull something out. Or I'll start something new. Or whatever I feel like. I'm done feeling guilty about my fun hobbies.
Along those lines, I started something new. (Linden? What Linden?) My gauge is already 3 st/4 in off from my gauge swatch, but I think it will be fixable in the pattern without having to rip what I've already done. (Fingers crossed.)

Pretend there's a picture here - I'm too lazy to go take one.

Noob isn't Noob anymore, he's Squeaker. Squeak for short. Blame the DH for that one, but it fits.

For those of you who are missing your Bug fix (you can't fool me, I know you come here just to see kid photos and hear poopy stories and that sort of parental crap) here is a picture. He's been anti-photo lately, unless he's the one taking the photo, so he was "hiding" behind the light, but you get the gist. I can't stand it how this three year old suddenly looks like a teenager sometimes. (But then he got all excited about the stingrays on Planet Earth that we were watching together and gave me a big hug, so he's not fully morphed into a teen yet.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

In the mood to start something.

But first, I am sucktastic because I forgot to blog about La's birthday (which was last Sunday) until JUST NOW. (Okay, that's not true. I remembered plenty of times, but I was either in the car, nursing a wee babe, or there were teenagers using my computer.)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LA! (Go now, wish her a happy birthday and tell her to post more cuz we miss her.)


I had thought that I was going to have my new year's knitting resolution be along the lines of ignoring WIPs, a la Joan, and that when a new project captured my fancy I was just going to GO for it. In fact, I was so wired about this idea that I decided to cast on something new on 1/1. I have 2700 yds (which seems like a lot, so let's call it half that) of sport weight soy chainette yarn in a dull gold, and I have 900 yds of Shine worsted (cotton/modal) in Terra Cotta that I'd originally bought to be Bombshell (I think, now that I see the yardage called for I'm starting to wonder, and it might be best in a yarn that has some memory anyway). I could do Broderie in the soy. I could find some other yarn to use for Picovoli, which I might be able to finish before my brother's wedding on the 31st. Maybe Mary Jane, sans boob-flattening stripe across bust? I could take my bit of Christmas money and go buy a whole whack of Silky Wool and knit something else entirely, but here's my problem. Nothing is calling to me. Help a girl out?


I'm wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans today, thanks to the stomach flu and the breastfeeding. They aren't comfy, but they're buttoned. :-D



I think my little men look alike at comparable ages.


DH did indeed manage to get the floor in, and since the only one member of the couple in question came for Christmas Eve, we didn't have to go buy a new bed. He finished the floor with a whole day to spare, and I think he did a smashing job, don't you?



Finally, our trees are changing.