Monday, April 13, 2009

Down with Amazon!

Unless you're a fan of censorship... See this post for more details.
I've cancelled my account there and let them know in no uncertain terms that it was their "deranking" policy that did it. (Well, that, and the fact that they call LGBT-friendly books "adult", while 60 years of Playboy is not.) I hear tell that Powell's is good. I dunno what Barnes and Noble's policies are on the subject, though I should check. (I remember reading that the charities and causes BN donates to are more liberal than those of, so I hope BN is less inclined to censor, or push "gay cure" books.) I'm not entirely sure we have any local bookstores anymore. :-(

ETA: this morning I received an email from customer service with abject apologies, and saw a Yahoo article saying the "glitch" was repaired and won't be happening again.