Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When did that happen, and who authorized it?
Do you like my new template? It's called Polar Bears but I refer to it as Wishful Thinking.
Anyway. DH is not great, but is feeling a little better. He finally had his muscle biopsy this morning, but we won't know the results for a couple of days. He's starting on a new round of meds tomorrow, but won't get his prednisone right away. I think the oxycodone hadn't worn off all the way when he talked to the doctor because he couldn't remember half of what the doc said. Anyway, doc thinks he has a few more days yet - he has an infection where they gave him an injection, and he's been having crazy nightly fevers, so they won't release him until those are resolved. They're thinking maybe Friday. Sigh. But, I have friends who've taken Eddie for a couple of play dates, and Lynn in Tucson dropped off dinner tonight (a whole roast and broccoli and bread), and I got my Cookie Lace in the mail over the weekend, so I'm feeling pretty pampered, all things considered. I'm a little concerned for when DH does come home, though - I was thinking once he got some meds he'd be back to normal, but I've learned that the weakness is a done deal - the disease ate his muscles, and he really is that weak and frail. He can build muscle back up with exercise, but for now, he's not going to be hiking or driving or taking the boys to the park anytime soon. (He keeps thanking me for doing everything, and I am wondering what he thought I meant when I said, "In sickness and in health". I think he's trying to say thank you, but when he starts expressing shock at how much I've been doing, I don't know whether to say you're welcome or be offended that he thought I might just let him suffer...)
In other whiny news, the AC has been fixed up a bit. It's not perfect (damn pigeons nesting in the attic a few years ago tore up the ducts and the AC has been killing itself ever since) but it's cooler in here and OH BOY IT FEELS GOOD. It's working well enough that I can turn it up a little and still be okay with fans. This makes me hopeful for future power bills.