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Saturday, August 01, 2009

First of May, First of May, outdoor...

Ooops, wrong month. First of August. When nothing is done outdoors and even the snakes turn on the AC.

***** ***** *****

I sucked it up and pulled my sock club for August. I ripped April's Annetrelacs because I didn't like the way the yarn was knitting up. If the colors had progressed from light to dark, it would have been stunning. Instead, it alternated, which created a weird off-kilter stripy thing that was pissing me off. No way was I doing that amount of work for something I ultimately hated. I actually saved the ribbing and will probably knit something with little or no pattern since it is a busy yarn.

This month's pull was originally some that I'd dyed myself and intended to knit stockinette with the coordinating solid heel. The idea of yet another pair of stockinette socks OTN made me a little woozy, so I sent it back and got another. I'll be doing cabled socks out of some Nature's Palette in a deep plum. I'll have to alternate rows of interesting sock with rows of boring sock to get the boring ones done. I hope it gives my mojo a bit of a kick - right now everything I have OTN is a long slog, and it's hot and I only manage to knit about once a week.

***** ***** *****


Because an elegant font trumps spelling, syntax, and proper alignment every time.

***** ***** *****

DH is still doing okay. My SIL's mom loaned us her late husband's wheelchair and it has made a world of difference. Now that he doesn't actually have to walk, he can get about the house with relative ease, and when he overdoes it and needs a rest, he just stops where he is. He's spent more time with the family in the last two days than he did in any given week before the wheelchair. Oh yeah, and SIL's mom is a godsend. She babysat the boys both times we needed to go to the doctor, and she tidies up and cooks while she's here. I love my SIL (my brother finally exhibited some good taste) and the fact that she came with such a great mom is a total bonus. My brother even thinks she's great, and how many young guys think that about their only-child-wife's mom?

***** ***** *****

The AC repair didn't fix the problem completely, but it helped. Now, instead of setting it on 74 and getting the house to 82, we set it to 76 and get the house to 80. And it cools down faster at night. Not bad for a unit that outlived its effectiveness a few years ago and is really only operating because God knows I'll implode if I have to buy a new one right now and He doesn't want to have to deal with my whiny self right now.

***** ***** *****

Out of Catholic school for 22 years, non practicing for 10, and I still capitalize "He".

***** ***** *****

This is the time of year when the geckos gather on our windows near whatever lights we have on. Aside from a really intimate view of my local reptiles, I've noticed something: our geckos twitch their tails the way an about-to-pounce cat does. It almost looks like they're wagging. It makes me love them even more.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Effing ohs and late with the mail.

So, DH has been home for a few days now. That is my sole excuse for not posting since (checking) Wednesday. Huh, I thought it had been longer than that. Anyway, the first day or so he was home, I kept waiting for him to keel, and I think he did too. But he didn't, and each day he can do a little more, and breath just a little better. He's still very weak and sickly and on 5l of oxygen which limits his ability to travel (the tanks we have only last an hour at that rate of use, so we gotta hope the doctors are on time, for sure) but he's making steady progress. Even working on the computer a little bit and getting up for his own drinks and breakfast. (I still have to caulk the bedsore in his ass, though. I told him if he ever doubts my commitment, I will simply say, "ass caulk" and he will remember. Thank FSM it is almost healed.) (ETA to reply to kat's "shame on them": they treated it as soon as they knew about it, but he didn't tell them, he told ME. I found it while helping him shower, then reported it to the nurse over his objections. Then they got a sticky pad for him to sit on (he couldn't lay down at all or he'd drown in his own lungs) and I drew a face on it before they pasted it on. You might have an inkling why he didn't want anything said...)
In the meantime, as things are evening out and the boy is acting out much less now that daddy's home, I have had more knitting time. I effed an oh, people! I present my June PSC offering, Snow on Cedars mitts from a kit by Woolly Wonka fibers and Anne Hanson (details at the rav link):

(No, I didn't let my scissors disappear into the couch, and yes, I was indeed wearing shorts.)

Bad pics, but that's what happens when your backup photographer is sree(3).


(This is also why there are no modeled shots of the Mary Jane sweater or the Cookie lace. Those two deserve good photography.)

I got some bad news about the sock club, though. My July installment was lost in the mail. They have promised to send me another package in January of next year to make up for it. In the meantime, I am working on Madli and on the May PSC socks for the husband. It's nice to work on lace again, though I'm glad I warmed up on the mitts - the beginnings of that first mitt saw me tinking half a row for every two or three I knit. Now I have my lacy mojo back.
Not my concentration mojo, though - apparently I wrote this post, then wandered away before clicking Publish. Sigh.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I can't brain today, I has the dumb.

Many thanks to Lene for that phrase. And for reminding me how cool vampires are. But NOT for not telling me about my newest obsession until just yesterday (after I'd emailed her about it!). Sheesh, woman.
We are hanging in. DH was getting worse and worse, and being threatened with the ventilator, the docs finally decided the lung problem from the autoimmune stuff was worse than the valley fever and brought out the big guns. He felt better almost immediately, and has been making progress in the right direction ever since. He thinks he'll be home by Friday.
Last weekend, though, both stepdaughters showed up, and one brought friends, and visited with their dad. (He can say it was the drugs that helped, but I know it was seeing his girls.) Not only that, but they babysat for me and allowed me some alone time, AND alone time with DH, which I hadn't had in ages. They cleaned my house. They shopped for groceries. They cooked for me (which is good because I'd finished the lovely roast from Lynn in Tucson). They brought me beer and drank with me. Then they left, which was the only crappy thing they did.
Knitting has taken a back seat to family life, and I'm okay with that. I'm pretending the mail was late for the July PSC club and haven't pulled it yet (though I am one thumb away from finishing the first of the Snow on Cedars mitts, which was my PSC pull for June.) I haven't even touched my spindle for Tour de Fleece, but also, don't care. I had a great time, I'll be forever grateful to the girls, and I know DH is on the mend because he wants to spend hours on the phone annoying me about dumb stuff. Annoying DH = healthy DH (or nearly). We're not out of the woods yet, but I can see the light, and more importantly, so can DH. Don't stop with the good thoughts yet, but I thank you most heartily for them all.

Oh yeah, and a quick, unscientific poll. I have an application in for a job at the dept of revenue in Montana. I WANT that job. I have no contacts in the dept of rev, but I have searched LinkedIn and found the account of the Deputy Director. I can't contact him directly without upgrading to a paying account. Lemmee ask you: if you got mail through this program from some woman you'd never heard of, asking you to please check out her references online and maybe put in a good word to the hiring committee, would you be impressed with her resourcefulness, annoyed at her presumptiousness, or have no feelings at all and ignore it?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Did I post yesterday?

What day is this? Um. Thursday? I feel certain I'm within at least 2 days of the right day. Anyway.
Still hunting jobs. New ones pop up here and there and I apply. DH's job is on hold due to governmental red tape issues, and the apparent issue that the one woman in the whole universe who can resolve said red tape is not answering her phone. Sigh. Anyway, I have applied for a couple that I am perfectly suited for, and some that would offer learning opportunities as well as interesting work. I'm hoping more for the learning opportunities, myself. Cross your fingers for me, please. One is a telecommuting position that would allow me to work anywhere.
In the meantime, DH is starting to see his specialists (he's with the rheumatologist right now) and is taking the forced time off to rest and hopefully kick whatever's got him. Bug doesn't know what to do with himself now that Mama and Daddy are both home all day, and it has seriously screwed with the schedule. (Well, it could still be the reentry suckage, but I'm blaming DH and you can't change my mind.) I'm just now starting to get a handle on things - the kitchen is clean, bread is baking, the yogurt was made yesterday (but is as yet untasted), and there's laundry running as I type. I'm still in my jammies, but we can't have everything now, can we?


In knitting news, I did next to none in Montana. I have decided that I don't knit well in the car. DH and I are great roadtrippers and we end up having hours-long conversations about everything and anything under the sun, and I tend not to knit when we're talking like that. (Interestingly, we don't talk nearly as much, or about anything as deep, when we're home. Roadtrips only.) Consequently, Mary Jane is still in the middle of the body and the anatomical sock is not far along. But really, is this not better? (Clickety for embiggenation, and I apologize for my ugly foot.)


Better, no?

Yes, it's true, I will end up with right and left socks, but heavens, people. If I were worried about extra time devoted to wearing socks, I would not be knitting them myself by hand, now would I?

Now I will leave you with a little mosaic (click each to embiggen) of my kids and Montana, and why I didn't want to leave...


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Late with the weekly post

Because I'm late with everything. Sigh.
Still hanging in over here. DH has had all the testing that his PCP (an internist who specializes in diabetes) knows to do, so he's been referred to three separate specialists in an attempt to sort out what various and sundry maladies he has. The internist currently suspects an autoimmune disease, and possibly other lung yuck, but as we just got the referrals, we have no news. My dad had his knee replaced yesterday (FINALLY) after much drama and hassle. Mostly emotionally. His girlfriend/ex-wife (yeah, it's weird) is having a few mental issues that we suspect are stemming from medical stuff, so combine the fact that she was flipping out about the recovery period and Dad was flipping out about the procedure itself, it's a wonder it ever got done. The surgeon said he had ZERO cartilage left and scolded Dad for letting it go that long. If the recovery goes as well as they predict, we're all hoping he'll have the other knee done and get back to his hiking regimen. Maybe he'll even feel good enough to hike the Grand Canyon again when his two little grandsons are old enough that I trust they won't fling themselves off the trail into the abyss. o.0
Anyway, I am hanging in. Trying to take Bug to the park with relative frequency to make up for the fact that I am considerably less fun than a room full of friends at the daycare. He seems okay with things, and while Squeak is still not mobile I am okay to take him and let him run. I've even been chasing him a bit, though last night he hauled tuckus so fast on his little bike that I RAN most of the way home, and ended up needing advil and ice packs on my knees. (Sad little knees have had a hard hard life, even before I slapped a hundred extra pounds on them. They used to dislocate with great frequency and now are mostly held together with scar tissue.) If he gets any faster I'm going to have to get my old hateful bike down and tune it up.
Things like this have been making my days a little easier:

From scratch sticky buns using challah dough, from 5-Minute Breads Changed My Life, or whatever it is.

The other day I made a coconut cream pie from scratch, too, but I didn't get a picture. I've been going a little insane with the dairy, too. I have all the stuff to make my own yogurt, and have been considering making butter and cheese. Seriously, I googled local dairy farms. (Turns out there are not so many in Tucson.) I wondered who I knew that might have a cow. I think this staying at home thing might be getting to my head.

In knitting knews, I'm still working on Mary Jane. I also (finally) started May's socks, ya know, just in time for June. I'll pull June's socks on June 1, but we're leaving on June 4 to go see youngest stepdaughter graduate from high school (holy shit, where did the time go?) and I'm only taking Mary Jane and the May socks. Here's a question I have, though. If most people's feet are (generally) shaped like


why do we make sock toes like




The fit, it seems not so good. I'm trying slightly more organically shaped toes on these socks. I have no picture and am too lazy to get one, mostly because Squeak is squawking which means I have to finish this post and go feed him. With the organic baby food I make myself. Somebody, seriously, stop me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where am I?

Still have no concept of the day of the week (except for knit night, wahoo!) or the time, but that will be changing come Monday morning, when I report for training at oh-dark-thirty. I suspect since I will be working on the base, I'm gonna hafta learn military time. I also suspect that since I have not had any sort of schedule for four and a half months that the idea of working for a whole day and then having to do it again might actually kill me. I have gotten accustomed to being aimless. I might have to bathe regularly, or bathe my KIDS regularly, or something.

The DH is, right now, at his big fancy interview. He wore his suit. *swoon* I had to tie his tie, and people? THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET. He has big hopes for this job, since he's been given the heads-up that he's at the top of the short list of candidates, and they want someone starting ASAP. My checkbook wants us to start working ASAP too. (ETA: he had his interview and says it went well. We should know something by the end of the week, so keep crossing your fingers and such.)

I finished my March PSC socks. WOO!


Squeak likes them too. They're tasty.


Only a month late. And no, I haven't worked another stitch on the April socks yet, but c'mon - entrelac is a long-term sock pattern. I might dig out some dish cloth cotton and knit up a coupla bibs, because Squeak is eating food.


So far, he's had applesauce, rice cereal, and bananas, and he's quite a fan. It's a little early yet for him to be eating food, so I'm keeping him at that much and hoping that I can get a little bit of milk stashed for his inevitable daycare debut.

A few weeks ago, DH got the wild hair to fix up the back yard and plant a lawn. He spent many hours fixing up the sprinklers that came with the house, and filling in the low spots, and and and. He decided that instead of rototilling the dirt that we already have, he needed to buy some and use it to build up the yard. (Cuz, ya know, when you're unemployed, buying dirt is high on the list of good ways to use your money.) Anyway, it kept him entertained for a few days, and entertained Bug even more. The kid loves him some dirt.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

again with the random.

Thanks for all the supportive comments last time around. We are a tad stressed around here, and neither of us is at our best when we are stressed out, so YAY! We fight a lot and that helps the stress. o.0
Anyway, admitting you have a problem is half the battle, right?


I have gotten a job. It is woefully inadequate, and I could work all month and still not earn enough to cover the mortgage. I start in two weeks and if I haven't found anything else by then I will go gratefully and work my ass off. The DH has gotten an interview (next week). Please keep your fingers crossed for him, because it would be a lovely job (that WOULD pay the mortgage) and he'd still be home most nights for dinner, as opposed to only being home on weekends, since most of his other prospects are several hours to several states away.



Bug: "Mama! My castle is broked!"
Me: "Fix it please and pick up your toys."
Bug: "I can't fix it, it's broked."
Me: "Well, I guess if it's broken and you can't fix it, we have to throw it and all your toys in the trash."
Bug: "Um, should I fix it, Mama?"


We have unwanted houseguests.


Can't see them? How 'bout now?


Bees. Many bees. That swarm is about two feet long, and from what we can tell, about six inches deep in the middle. Apparently it is "bee season", which means the exterminators are so busy they have told us to wait a couple days to see if they leave on their own, because they do that sometimes, and also the exterminators have no available appointments this week. In the meantime Bug stays inside and climbs the walls. (See castle story, above.) Sigh.

ETA: By the time I posted this, the exterminator was on his way and the bees are gone. If I get another swarm I'll see about calling a keeper, but it's too late for those in the picture...


Bug likes bread. 'Specially homemade bread. When he said he wanted "the big piece" (aka, the loaf) he wasn't kidding. Next time after lunch I will put the bread away FIRST.



I have not knitted much, due to depression and general malaise (and the fact that it's &@(#&*)@)%^&#( hot and I'm mad) and I will not post any more pictures of the SIP until I finish the bloody thing.


The combination of left-shift and the semicolon/colon key doesn't work. The left-shift works with every other key on the keyboard, and I can make a colon with the right-shift. My keyboard has outsmarted me somehow.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

March didn't kill me

so April is taking its best shot.
The DH is away again, finishing up the last of that job that should have been finished weeks ago, but for the nardo in charge. Whilst there, he has been stricken with his FOURTH fever/flu/yuck in about 7 weeks. Fortunately for him, he's in a crappy hotel somewhere, rather than here with the sick, barely breathing, hacking wife and two children who also don't feel great but still have energy to burn.

A couple of days ago I posted about squares for Luke. I had half a skein of Cherry Tree Hill in some lovely denim shades (I think it was Moody Blues) that I'd used for Cathy's comfort blanket a while ago. That stuff is nice and soft and I love to work with it (and I knew, roughly, the gauge I got knitting it doubled on 8s) so I went to town.
And my swatches GREW in the hot water. WTF people? Every time I've knit squares for Cindy's blankie projects, they grow when I wash them. Why is that? It's not like my CTH socks grew several inches upon washing, so why should the squares? Scheisse. (If they dryer doesn't make them behave, I'll pull them out and reknit them, but DAMN. ETA: the dryer worked! YAY!) At least I used up just about all the yarn. (And why didn't anyone tell me mitered squares were addictive?)


April 1 was, of course, the next installment of the personal sock club, as well. I should really have known better than to open the package on that date, because a) DUH, and b) I hadn't finished my (dead easy) socks from March. You know, the ones that are basically stockinette? Yeah. Oh well, says I, I can just finished them up and whip out these new ones and get back on track for May. What did I pick, you ask?


Entre-fricking-lac. Even my freaking STASH is trying to kill me.

(BTW, if you didn't see yesterday's post, please go there and see the opportunity for the wonderful sock club! Sign ups start tomorrow!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Turns out I'm not such a tramp after all.

I'm just a serial monogamist with ADD.
I can't knit on two projects in the same time period. I can't alternate in a day, or every other day, or whatever. I currently wish I could actively work on the PSC socks and Madli, but I can't. I can only knit on one thing, until forced by circumstance (too many people around to concentrate on lace, going out to stand in the unemployment line and lace is too big, finally quiet in the house so must work on lace, etc) to change to the other. I practice project monogamy. o.0 (I only just practice on a short scale. No way will I ever be the person who knits on one thing only until it's done. Those people are just weird.)
Anyway, I have knit a few more repeats on Madli. I'm up to 8 now, and still enjoying the pattern.

I CAN, however, be multi-craftasmic with abandon. In a stunning example of delayed gratification, restraint, and self control (given that it took me FOUR HOURS to remember the phrase "self control" - all I could think of was "self denial" - you can tell the concept isn't practiced much around here) I have finished one bobbin's worth of future sock yarn and have started the singles for the second bobbin's worth, rather than plying the first bobbin right away. This makes it harder for me to succumb to second-sockyarn-spinning-syndrome.


Of course, it's pretty easy to take some time to spin when my mornings look like this.


Yesterday during my morning spinning time, these two little guys kept me company:


(Look, the Evil Twin blankie in the wild! This photo is MUCH closer to actual color.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The voices in my head say Hi.

I really don't have much else, but Stacey wondered about my radio silence and thought maybe it was because my man was home, but we can't have her thinking that. (Actually, it is partly due to that - I haven't done this many dishes since, well, before he left. How the man can use every pot, pan, utensil, dish, and flatware cooking two meals for 3 1/2 people I will never know. He thinks he's a tidy cook.)
No, I did spend what felt like ages in the unemployment office, only to find out it was really the welfare office and the unemployment office was next door with no waiting. I would have been really pissed if I'd waited that whole time to have my number called (there were 20+ people ahead of me and they managed to help about 10 an hour, based on what I'd heard yesterday) only to find out I was in the wrong place. Then when I went to the unemployment office (with the letter that said, "You must appear in person and bring this letter with you") the guy said, "Oh, that just meant your job service log in didn't match, but you coulda fixed that online."
And also, there seems to be a serious shortage of operators in the unemployment call center. That call took 35:01 minutes (seriously, how did I survive without a phone that told me how long I was on hold?), of which 3 minutes were spent with an actual person.
When I'm in this kind of pissy mood, I should not watch movies with sweeping views of the mountains, old crabby ranchers, Morgan Freeman, and down-on-their-luck women and kids. Seriously, I could just about kill myself, if I weren't so lazy. (And also, I think it might hurt, and I don't do pain much.)
And since I'm about to bore the rest of you (the one or two of you who've managed this far without clicking away in disgust) to death, I will spare you further rantings and give you instead, fiber and babies and little boys who are way too little to be riding bikes and who told them they were allowed to grow up so damn fast?

(Click these for short videos of teh cute.) (ETA OMG turn off your volume for the Squeak one because OMG I SWEAR that is not my real voice.)



(Slippin Stripin sock the first, from this month's PSC, a seriously entertaining knit. Yes, that is laceweight, doubled.)

(Bobbin of hopefully 1/3 fingering weight singles, from the Birthday Batt that Blogless Lynn made me.)

(The rest of the first half of the Birthday Batt.)

Speaking of Blogless Lynn, see this article. That's my preferred LYS pictured, that's the woman who taught me to spin (Jill Holbrook, holding the lovely sweater), and that's Blogless Lynn in the back of the last photo. Woohoo!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If anyone has seen my brain, I'd like it back, please.

Two more days until the DH is home from his trip and I can go somewhere and be ALONE. (He thinks he's going to be all huggy and kissy and lovey and "I missed you so", but really, I'm going to chuck the kids at him and run away screaming for an hour.)
Toward that end, I let the Bug stay home from daycare today. o.0 (Please see title.)


I'm the only one in the JoanCookieOtteralong who hasn't flashed her Madli. Or her nupps. Actually, mine are not real nupps - they're fakes.


That color, while lovely on my monitor, is nowhere near the deep dark teal/marine blue of this yarn. I have no hopes of catching up with Ms. 20 repeats in a day or Ms. Poor me I only did 15 in a day. I'd be worried, but a) it's not a race, and b) someone has to finish last...

Look! Sweet peas! Stock! Petunias! Gerania! Green leaves and (achoo) pollen pods! (Click to embiggen.)


In other news, I'm enjoying the heck out of the slippin' stripin' socks. The laceweight makes them nice and squishy and the stripes hold my interest. (Nora said something about easily-entertained mouth-breathers the other day - count me in that group.) I have no pictures as yet because I forgot to take a picture while I had my camera in there and now I'm too lazy. I've turned the heel on the first one (subbing a short row heel for the called-for gusset and heel flap) so I hope to have a finished one to show off soon.