Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cold Sunday

It was rainy and nasty here today, so I sat by the fire all day and knitted. Here is my sockpal sock:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors. I have been trying it on to make sure it's looking right, and I'm so jealous of the sock pal! LOL
I am going to try some good wool sock yarn soon to see if my feetsies can tolerate wool. If not, I'm going forward with my plan to learn to dye my own cotton/lycra sock yarn.
It was a crazy cold day - it started out clear and reasonably warm, and got rainy and dark as the day progressed. At one point, we had so much hail (in about two whole minutes) that the whole back yard was covered.

I don't know if you can see that clearly, but the whole yard is covered with pea-sized hail. It almost looks snowy. :-)

And for Sandy, here's the sky before the sun set completely - you can kinda see the rain falling.


Lucia said...

Hi, Carrie! I just had to drop in on you and tell you that your post on Lene's blog is the funniest thing I've read all day. "Puerile" is such a perfect word in context. (Love them Latin roots.)

Sandysknitting said...

Carrie! that sky picture is gorgeous! Looks like a fire burning! :) Hope your hail is replaced by warm soon!

persones llanes said...

I saw the sky pic and thought, wow, that looks like Arizona! Moved a smidge down the page and there was the AZ knitters button. Amazing what a sky and a palm tree can convey!