Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mostly because I'm insane

I decided that it was important for me to get into the sock yarn business. I found a site that sold what seems to be sock weight cotton/lycra yarn. I say "seems to be" because the designation of the weight of the cotton is contradictory, based on what I read on the internet. If the cotton count is correct, it's 1848 ypp, which is just what I want. If the site's weight is correct, it'll be 2400ypp - a little thin, in my estimation. Anyway, I have ordered 1.5 pounds. Depending on what weight you believe, that's either 2772 yards - 1.5 miles - or 4788 yards - 2.75 miles. Of YARN. Sweet cracker sandwich, I hope this is the stuff I wanted.
Now I have to learn all there is to know about dyeing, figure out what I want, wind the gazillion feet of yarn into something other than a giant knot something a little more manageable, not destroy my kitchen or dye my baby son in the process, and then do something with the gazillion feet. Maybe I'll send some to Grumperina.