Thursday, March 23, 2006


Is it just me, or does everyone seem to be in a crappy mood the last couple of days? There seems to be a black cloud over everyone I talk to or read about. Even The Bug has fallen victim to the melancholy, and had a shrieking fit this morning, for a reason I couldn't fathom. This is extremely out of character for him. I can remember the last time it happened. He was 26 hours old. He just Does. Not. Cry. Anyway, people are crabby and cranky and fight and piss and moan and everyone generally feels worse. I dunno what the deal is.
Maybe he will be in a better mood this afternoon - he always brightens my attitude with that huge grin when he first sees me. >sigh< Babies rock.
Especially Santa Baby:

'Cuz bubbles are clearly for eating.
Anyway, I made progress on Frill during two conference calls and a weight-watchers meeting today. I am almost ready to drop the stitches and start on the body. I think it will go right speedy once that happens, although finally, after about 34 rows, I have the dratted pattern for the frill part memorized. I think I was so bothered by knitting the lace at the onset that I developed a mental block about it.
Maybe this weekend I will attempt to photograph it. I'll definitely need a before-unravelling and after-unravelling shot. Just because, you know, I'm easily entertained by such things.
Good gravy, I hope tomorrow is a better day. If it's not, I'm cutting out of work early and hiding out in a bar somewhere.


jessie said...

Yes, it's that time of year.

Now, off the topic of darling babies or knitting or bad moods, I notice that your sink is just like the one in the house we're moving to. How do you like having the larger and smaller sink? Does it work for your needs? I ask because we currently have two equal-size bowls, but they are kind of small. On the downside, I can't fit my giant stove grills in either one. On the upside, I can keep a dish drainer in one of them so I don't have to put it up on the counter.

Your thoughts? (This is so random, I know. Humor me.)