Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Anniversary to ME!

Today is the 4th anniversary of the beautiful morning I woke up, threw on a lacy dress (after having a breakfast of beer and more beer), curled my hair, and said, "I do." It has been a blissful four years. Yes, there have been occasional rough patches, but DH and I like offroading. This morning he gave me a beautiful pair of dainty earrings, and there are still two presents waiting on the table. The only thing that might possibly mar this day (besides the headache that's currently centered over my right eye) is the fact that his gift hasn't arrived in the mail yet. I have to go home and check for it at lunchtime. Fortunately, I keep wrapping paper in my office for just such a gift emergency.
Anyway, probably no knitting for me today!


jessie said...

Happy anniversary!!!! I've been married 11 years and counting which seems like a drop in the bucket. Or eternity LOL. Depends on the day. Have a great day and celebrate!!!