Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Chocolate Fest

Well, Easter weekend has come and gone. We managed to make our way through it with a minimum of fanfare or chocolate. The Bug is too little for such things, and constantly-dieting me and diabetic-DH don't need the stuff around. Instead, we visited family and had overload of angel food cake with strawberries. That's much better.
NO knitting this weekend. I am so in love with those little project Grace squares that I bought more yarn to make "boy" blankets (she's opened up the requests to include all colors) and now the springy happy fat pastel yarn makes the sock yarn seem dingy and tired. I don't want to work on the socks, but I only have two weeks left! AAAAHHHHHHHHH. I'm almost to the heel of the second sock, so I'm not too far away, but it's killing my brain. I have to trick myself into working on it - like, I can't work on any Gracie squares until I knit an inch or two. Maybe tonight I will get some mental fortitude and turn the heel. Then I can just sit at the SnB tomorrow and knit ribbing until my brain melts and runs out my ears.
(Enjoy that visual.)