Saturday, April 08, 2006

Warming Grace

So, I know there are a gazillion charity knitting projects out there. Probably even more than that. But this one struck a chord with me, so off I go:
Two Wooden Sticks and a Ball of Wool: Warming Grace
This little girl has cancer, and her aunt is asking for 5" squares of pink cotton or wool to make her a blanket. She met her best friend in chemo, so BF needs a blanket too. Who can resist sick children in need of blankets? Especially when all it will cost you is a swatch?
So anyway, I put out the word to the local SnB - people who want to participate can give me their squares and I'll mail them all as one package. Other Tucson-area knitters are welcome to toss me their squares as well. See the link above for the details.
The yarn I am using is JoAnn Sensations, Belleza Collection, Tesoro in pink and purple. So far I've knit half a square and haven't made a dent in the ball, so I could probably get more than two out of these two balls. (Normally I don't like the store brand yarn, but this stuff is soft! I'd use it again if I could wear wool. Next charity project...)