Thursday, May 11, 2006

I hope you dye

Because it's really fun.
I have three hanks waiting for me to have some free time, but I did these two over the weekend. Pictured here with the green I did a few weeks ago, now turning into toe up socks.

I wanted the red to have more streaks of yellow, but I think they faded away a little because the red is so intense. The other one faded out a little more than I'd hoped, but I think that's the nature of dyeing cotton yarn. I like it a lot, and I think it will be a fun and interesting knit. I hope to have time to knit socks from it in July, for the Project Spectrum month of purple.
I hope to finish those other three either tonight or tomorrow, so I can rinse them before we head off to Phoenix for my brother-in-law's 60th birthday.
(Oh yeah, and a little birdie told me my baby asked his daddy to get me a swift and a ball winder for Mother's Day. Oooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh.)


margene said...

Hope I to dye this weekend. Your results look great!

Leah said...

The colors look great!!

A swift & a ball winder! You are one lucky mother! ;)

Desirée said...

Dyeing cotton? Baroo?? I heard it was hard and didn't work well and I shouldn't even try. Can you give a run-down of what you used/where ya got it/etc? =)

(I just realized I wrote "Baroo".. I was going to take it out, but it's funny to me and proof that I've been reading too much. %)