Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pride goeth, and all that jazz

If you recall (or if you don't), yesterday I smugly posted about my humility. You can do that, right?I posted about how, since I took the time to move my lifelines, the knitting goddess was pleased and she would ensure relatively smooth sailing.
Monday nights are all about TV for DH. He loves 24 and CSI:Miami with a deep passion that exceeds his love for family, home and country. So, I take my little iPod with my latest cast-on episode, and I sit in the bedroom and knit to my heart's content. Last night was a 2-hour episode of 24, so I got three hours of mostly uninterrupted knitting. (The Bug would sneak over and grab a handful of Frill occasionally, but I'd redirect him to his blocks and he'd play with them again.) I had been knitting for about an hour on and off, when it occurred to me - I hadn't moved my lifeline. WHEW, it's a good thing I'd been paying attention to the stitches. Since I was on the third row of a three row repeat, I figured I'd move the lifeline after the end of the row. Two stitches later, I realized I'd made a mistake. 20 minutes later I'd tinked back three rows and started again. I moved my lifeline this time, and every six rows thereafter.
Since May is for Green in Project Spectrum, and since May is almost over, and since I hadn't touched my green socks in weeks, I knitted on them for a while. They really are a pleasure to knit. I think they will come with us to the beach too. That yarn will be too sticky to be around the sand, but it will be great for car knitting. I would have posted a progress picture, but since the toes are about 1/2 an inch longer than they were before, I figure you can just imagine it.
June is for blue, and I have some gorgeous blue wool that Jessie dyed, waiting for my grand wooly-feet experiment. July is purple, and I have some of that waiting too. August is brown/black/neutral. I think I need Jen to send me some fudge royale. (scroll down) It looks like s'mores to me, but whatever it is, it looks DAMN GOOD.


Sheryl said...

Lifelines are my new best friend.