Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back from the swamp

Okay, it really wasn't a swamp, but the thermometer said it was 110 and the humidity made me wish I had gills. Ugly, hot, nasty.
The Bug LOVED his first plane ride.

checking out the ground crew

We got to sit in the first row for most of the Going, and when we stopped in Albuquerque, Bug got to watch the guy load the kitchen stuff from the cool truck. The kitchen guy even walked over to the edge of his loading platform to knock on Bug's window, which thrilled the little guy to no end.
The Bug also got much love from his older half-sisters, one of whom hadn't even met him yet. They hit it off right away.

Bug and Sisters

Before we knew it, it was time to go, so we climbed into the car we bought and drove away. It is a long boring drive through western OK and north Texas. It only started to get interesting after we got into New Mexico.
Did you see Contact? When she hears the alien signal on the Very Large Array? We drove right through it. It was the coolest thing. We popped over a hill, and suddenly there were 20 or 30 of these monster satellite dishes out in the middle of a field of daisies and mallow. I wanted to take a picture, but the Bug was sleeping and DH didn't want to risk waking him. Four states is a long long way for a little guy to sit in a car seat.

Remember when I said I was only taking three projects and expected to make progress? NOT. I got a few rounds on the sock, and a couple inches of Tendrils. That's it, that's all. I need some serious knitting time to finish even the Christmas knitting I've already started. ...sigh...

Oh yeah, and YEEHAW! On behalf of women and girls everywhere, BITE ME, WARREN.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sooner and later

Tomorrow we are off to the Sooner State. (That's Oklahoma.) I don't have the foggiest idea what a Sooner is. Okay, I looked it up - it's basically a cheater. I guess the U of O people don't really want to think of it that way, though. Anyway, I don't really care, I'm going there to see two of the Bug's half sisters. We're buying a car while we're there and driving home, so that's the part I'm looking forward to. I love a road trip with the DH.
For the occasion, which entails 1000 miles and a whole lotta Bug breaks, I am packing two pre-beaded balls for Tendrils, Frill, and the Sonnet sleeves. I will probably bring the green sock on the plane, although we're holding the Bug on our laps, so I don't know how much knitting I'll really get done. I hope to get a good portion of the other projects done in the car. The two Tendrils balls are only 96 yds each, so I can see that I might get those both knitted up. Sonnet is stockinette, so I can probably do that in the dark. I just need to buckle down and work on Frill. I associated it with exercise once while thinking about riding the stationary bike, and I haven't been able to pick it up since! It's for Haiku's mommy, though, so I need to get it done and out of my psychic space. It's weighing me down.
And on a different note, should I be worried that my horoscope for the day says I'm not saving enough money and I'm going to need it soon?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

No more Saturday

Well, I blew off my Saturday Sky duty. I did take a Sunday Sky pic, just seconds before it started to rain. Aaaaah, rain.

August 20 sky pic

This is the tree in my back yard. I always thought it only bloomed during monsoons, but amazingly, it started blooming when it started raining. Amazing what a little water does to a plant...

pretty flowers

In knitting news, I have little. My beads arrived from Earth Faire the day after they were shipped. It seemed like such a small package to hold so many beads. I spent a little time running my fingers through them after I put them in a tupperware. I strung two balls today - I am using balls half the size of the ones called for, so I strung 300 on each. I think that's way way too many, but I'd rather have too many than too few, right?
Haiku sleeve 2 is going. Same ol', same ol'.

In Bug news, because you care, he's having a weekend of firsts! First balloon, first tantrum over a toy (he was shopping with Daddy), and, ta da! First steps! The Bug has decided that he must go faster and get into more trouble than is available to him while crawling. My baby boy isn't such a baby anymore. Damn, soon he'll be a toddler. ...sob...
I have yet to get a picture or video of the walking, because he likes to stop whatever he's doing and stare blankly at the camera whenever I have it out.

balloon with Bug

Friday, August 18, 2006

Partial FO?

I finished sleeve one of Haiku last night.

one sleeve to go

I have a sleeve, some blocking and some making up to do. Since I've never put a sweater together, I find myself a little trepidacious. (Oooh, big word. I've always liked that one. Say it out loud, it's kinda fun.) Anyway, I have my Montse Stanley and my Encyclopedia of Needle Crafts or whatever it's called, so I shall be fine. If not, the recipient of the sweater will have outgrown it before I finish it anyway, even though I added an inch to all the measurements.

My Bug is 11 months old. ...sob...

way too fast

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No pictures today

Sunday I did very little knitting, but it was still a pleasant day. Lots of running around with DH, a little nap-time, and dinner with good friends.
Yesterday when I woke up, I felt like death warmed over, and DH convinced me to stay home after running the Bug to daycare. I had most of a day to relax and knit. It was glorious, even with the cough, headache, and leftover cold guk. I knit a good portion of one of the Haiku sleeves before realizing that it would be much too long, so I ripped and reknit that too. I'm about 1/3 done with it. I hope to finish the sweater before we run off to Oklahoma next week to visit the Bug's sisters. We're driving back to AZ (about 1000 miles) so I plan to take Frill, Sonnet and Tendrils (plus the green sock) for the trip home.
I just ordered the beads for Tendrils today - that was a nightmare. Even the shop that Sivia Harding pointed me to didn't have the beads she called out, and they were out of the beads they'd substituted. I had to substitute the substitute. None of my local bead shops had anything even close. :-( I figure I'll string a couple of balls of yarn and cast on while I'm home, then take it with me. No way I'll finish all the projects I'm bringing (maybe the sock and Sonnet's first sleeve) but it will be nice to have a selection.
(ETA: the shop does have the beads, just in bulk. You have to write and ask them, instead of buying a bunch of little tubes. You even get a discount because they sell the big bag by weight, instead of taking the time to parcel them out into said tubes. If you're doing Tendrils and you want the beads, use the Contact Us form and ask for them. Very accomodating, even switching out my other order for the real substitute.)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturday sky

A short little post with one little pic.

August 12 sky pic

It's only 72 degrees this morning at 6:45, but the humidity seems like it's going to be ugly today. The perfect day to sit under the AC vent and knit, yes?

Friday, August 11, 2006


I guess it was just SnB that did it, although I was feeling pretty gross on Tuesday. (Actually, I have a head cold that keeps getting worse, and I'm pretty durn tired of it.) I don't even remember what I worked on during SnB, although I suspect it was Haiku. That little sweater is just zipping along, even with the ripping I've had to do. That's my own fault, too - it's an easy pattern so I've been knitting from memory and counting rows to match the other side, and I missed a whole 2" section of garter stitch.
Anyway, last night DH had to work late, and the Bug nursed himself to sleep immediately after we got home, so I ended up with several hours of all-to-myself time. I ripped and rewound and knit, and cooked dinner in shifts (brown meat, knit 10 rows, add sauce, knit 10 more rows...) The only sound was the occasional snore from one of the dogs, and the click of the Knitpicks needles. It was blissful, even with the drippy nose and stuffy head. I'm (re)approaching the second armscye on Haiku. I'd like to finish the body and start the sleeves this weekend, and I think that's entirely possible. I suppose it depends on how nice the weather is - DH will finally be home for a whole weekend, so we have plans to take the Bug to the park for his first ride on the swings. I can't wait. We race him up and down the hall in his wheeled high chair, and the look on his face is pure bliss. I hope he enjoys the swings that much.
Hey, what's the best way to sew up seams in a sweater?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006



It hit me. That something that wandered around Blogistania (I love that) several weeks ago. Everyone complained that knitting didn't excite them, their spinning was boring, they felt blah... I didn't feel it then. I felt peppy, ready to knit mountains out of mohair and make wonderful things and spend my free time industriously wrapping my loved ones in knitted warmth.

Now I have it. Last night I felt too lazy and blah even to go to bed. DH and I sat in the dark and watched one of those motorcycle shows on Discovery. No knitting, no cleaning, no blogging, nada. Maybe it's the humidity, finally getting me down. Maybe it's the pain-imposed knit-free week I had. Maybe it's just my body telling me I need a break. Maybe my brain has moved on to fall and my body is still stuck in summer.

Whatever it is, I'm not a fan.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

What ho? A FO!

--Sid the Sloth

Yes, another FO. Amazing.
Here it is.

contrary wife quilt in green

This was the quilt that I intended to give my aunt two years ago for Christmas. She was out of town, so I gave her sister, my other aunt, the terra cotta one I'd made her, and figured I had a little extra time to finish the green one. Well, I finished almost all of it - all I had to do was hand-sew the back of the binding, clip the quilting threads, and wash it. It took me 18 months to get around to it. You can see why Christmas knitting doesn't worry me so much - I don't give a flip about deadlines.

Here's the vine-y free motion quilting I did down the green bars. I'm particularly proud of it.

contrary wife quilt motif

Some news that more closely relates to knitting:

The Yarn Goddess claims another as her own.

Cascade Bug

My dirty window

My window is extremely dirty. With all the wind, dust storms, and rain (followed by more wind and dust storms), the large window in my living room is extremely dirty. This is a shame, because I love looking out into the back yard, and the dirt obscures my view, just a little. I have not washed it, though, because of this (as Cate says, click to embiggen):


DH tells me he was present when this bird hit the window, and that it flew away unharmed. It cracks me up every time I see it. You can tell that the bird realized it was a window milliseconds before impact and tried to turn.
There's another one directly above it that shows a perfect head-on image of the dove that hit. (Yes, it's clear enough that I can tell it was a dove.) Right down to the outline of the beak. It's high enough on the window that the light is never quite right to get a good picture.
I'm afraid that if I wash my window, the birds won't stand a chance.

Incidentally, the closeup photo was not retouched at all - the only change I made to it was to add the text. That is really and truly how clear the little birdie's outline is.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday again?

At this rate, Christmas will be here in no time. (ducking and running now)
Regardless, it's Saturday, and this is what my sky looks like:

August 5

It's either bright clear blue or cloudycloudycloudy. Right now it's warming up a little, but when I got up this morning it was only 68! Yeehaw! This is the only time of year when we get dew on the grass, which I love too. We're supposed to have a bit of a chance for rain, but even without it, the weather station is predicting only the high 90s for temps through the end of the week. Yeah!
My shoulders and wrists continue to feel better, through a combination of chair massage (yum), PT exercises, and no knitting. To make them all better, this is what my day looks like:


August 5

Eddie can't decide whether piano or percussion is more fun.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A whole lotta nuthin' going on

At work these days I have been doing a lot of formatting. Happy happy joy joy. The kind of formatting where you go *scroll, scroll, highlight, click. Repeat from *.
This has made my poor little hands and arms feel terrible. Crampy, sore, achy, tired, and nasty.
I can't even knit.
Did you hear me?