Friday, August 11, 2006


I guess it was just SnB that did it, although I was feeling pretty gross on Tuesday. (Actually, I have a head cold that keeps getting worse, and I'm pretty durn tired of it.) I don't even remember what I worked on during SnB, although I suspect it was Haiku. That little sweater is just zipping along, even with the ripping I've had to do. That's my own fault, too - it's an easy pattern so I've been knitting from memory and counting rows to match the other side, and I missed a whole 2" section of garter stitch.
Anyway, last night DH had to work late, and the Bug nursed himself to sleep immediately after we got home, so I ended up with several hours of all-to-myself time. I ripped and rewound and knit, and cooked dinner in shifts (brown meat, knit 10 rows, add sauce, knit 10 more rows...) The only sound was the occasional snore from one of the dogs, and the click of the Knitpicks needles. It was blissful, even with the drippy nose and stuffy head. I'm (re)approaching the second armscye on Haiku. I'd like to finish the body and start the sleeves this weekend, and I think that's entirely possible. I suppose it depends on how nice the weather is - DH will finally be home for a whole weekend, so we have plans to take the Bug to the park for his first ride on the swings. I can't wait. We race him up and down the hall in his wheeled high chair, and the look on his face is pure bliss. I hope he enjoys the swings that much.
Hey, what's the best way to sew up seams in a sweater?


Carrie K said...

The best way to seam a sweater? Make someone else do it.

Mattress stitch is what I usually do.

Ennui free sounds fabulous?

Jaimi said...

Mattress stitch is the best, most correct way...but be warned, can be fiddly and pain. Good lighting is a must! Sometimes I cheat and just kind of whip stitch them together.

I am leaning toward the Truffle colorway today, you must have read my mind...although, I am sure it will change tomorrow. It will probably change right up until I actually put them all in my shopping cart online and then delete them one at a time. I am so indecisive!

I did buy the pattern though, so that is something!

Your Bug is just as cute as mine, by the way. : )