Sunday, August 20, 2006

No more Saturday

Well, I blew off my Saturday Sky duty. I did take a Sunday Sky pic, just seconds before it started to rain. Aaaaah, rain.

August 20 sky pic

This is the tree in my back yard. I always thought it only bloomed during monsoons, but amazingly, it started blooming when it started raining. Amazing what a little water does to a plant...

pretty flowers

In knitting news, I have little. My beads arrived from Earth Faire the day after they were shipped. It seemed like such a small package to hold so many beads. I spent a little time running my fingers through them after I put them in a tupperware. I strung two balls today - I am using balls half the size of the ones called for, so I strung 300 on each. I think that's way way too many, but I'd rather have too many than too few, right?
Haiku sleeve 2 is going. Same ol', same ol'.

In Bug news, because you care, he's having a weekend of firsts! First balloon, first tantrum over a toy (he was shopping with Daddy), and, ta da! First steps! The Bug has decided that he must go faster and get into more trouble than is available to him while crawling. My baby boy isn't such a baby anymore. Damn, soon he'll be a toddler. ...sob...
I have yet to get a picture or video of the walking, because he likes to stop whatever he's doing and stare blankly at the camera whenever I have it out.

balloon with Bug


Jaimi said...

First steps are magical. Enjoy them! Before long he'll be all over the place. And into every little thing!

pacalaga said...

Um, he's already all over the place and into every little thing!
We have been putting off buying those cabinet-securing baby proof things, since *I* can't operate them either, but I'm stopping at Ace on the way home tonight. I just can't stand it anymore.