Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No pictures today

Sunday I did very little knitting, but it was still a pleasant day. Lots of running around with DH, a little nap-time, and dinner with good friends.
Yesterday when I woke up, I felt like death warmed over, and DH convinced me to stay home after running the Bug to daycare. I had most of a day to relax and knit. It was glorious, even with the cough, headache, and leftover cold guk. I knit a good portion of one of the Haiku sleeves before realizing that it would be much too long, so I ripped and reknit that too. I'm about 1/3 done with it. I hope to finish the sweater before we run off to Oklahoma next week to visit the Bug's sisters. We're driving back to AZ (about 1000 miles) so I plan to take Frill, Sonnet and Tendrils (plus the green sock) for the trip home.
I just ordered the beads for Tendrils today - that was a nightmare. Even the shop that Sivia Harding pointed me to didn't have the beads she called out, and they were out of the beads they'd substituted. I had to substitute the substitute. None of my local bead shops had anything even close. :-( I figure I'll string a couple of balls of yarn and cast on while I'm home, then take it with me. No way I'll finish all the projects I'm bringing (maybe the sock and Sonnet's first sleeve) but it will be nice to have a selection.
(ETA: the shop does have the beads, just in bulk. You have to write and ask them, instead of buying a bunch of little tubes. You even get a discount because they sell the big bag by weight, instead of taking the time to parcel them out into said tubes. If you're doing Tendrils and you want the beads, use the Contact Us form and ask for them. Very accomodating, even switching out my other order for the real substitute.)


Jaimi said...

My eyes are always bigger than my time when I pack knitting. I am off to Virginia tomorrow for 11 days and I have made myself only pack Clapotis, and the yarn for a pair of Bug socks. I did, however, do a Google search for yarn stores in Virginia Beach...so [insert maniacal laugh here] I may just have to go get me another project to work on. Have a great road trip, Carrie!