Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sooner and later

Tomorrow we are off to the Sooner State. (That's Oklahoma.) I don't have the foggiest idea what a Sooner is. Okay, I looked it up - it's basically a cheater. I guess the U of O people don't really want to think of it that way, though. Anyway, I don't really care, I'm going there to see two of the Bug's half sisters. We're buying a car while we're there and driving home, so that's the part I'm looking forward to. I love a road trip with the DH.
For the occasion, which entails 1000 miles and a whole lotta Bug breaks, I am packing two pre-beaded balls for Tendrils, Frill, and the Sonnet sleeves. I will probably bring the green sock on the plane, although we're holding the Bug on our laps, so I don't know how much knitting I'll really get done. I hope to get a good portion of the other projects done in the car. The two Tendrils balls are only 96 yds each, so I can see that I might get those both knitted up. Sonnet is stockinette, so I can probably do that in the dark. I just need to buckle down and work on Frill. I associated it with exercise once while thinking about riding the stationary bike, and I haven't been able to pick it up since! It's for Haiku's mommy, though, so I need to get it done and out of my psychic space. It's weighing me down.
And on a different note, should I be worried that my horoscope for the day says I'm not saving enough money and I'm going to need it soon?


Carrie K said...

No. You can only believe good horoscopes. The rest are tripe for the masses.

Car knitting might be more productive than plane knititng, but you never know. 1000 miles? That's perfect for car knitting.

Have a safe fun trip!

Desirée said...

Sounds like quite a trip! Here's my geek moment for the day: May your journey be without incident. =)

spinneret said...

Are they letting knitting needles back on planes again after loosing their composure 2 weeks ago?

Off to OK myself in September. Tell us what you see.

Saw your comment at YH. Hand DH the baby and compliment him that the DNA tests confirmed that he's good to go in the responsibility department. Raise one eyebrow significantly. Offer to hose him down if he makes more of a mess than the baby does.

jenifleur said...

Only if I have to worry that my horoscope keeps telling me I need to change who I am, forget everything I used to believe and do everything in a new way. So, NO, basically.

Trip knitting is the best knitting. Only I never actually get much done, myself. Best laid plans... Have fun!

Jaimi said...

I am sure you will need the money for yarn...autumn is coming and it will be sweater season, and mittens too, at least here in upstate NY