Sunday, August 06, 2006

What ho? A FO!

--Sid the Sloth

Yes, another FO. Amazing.
Here it is.

contrary wife quilt in green

This was the quilt that I intended to give my aunt two years ago for Christmas. She was out of town, so I gave her sister, my other aunt, the terra cotta one I'd made her, and figured I had a little extra time to finish the green one. Well, I finished almost all of it - all I had to do was hand-sew the back of the binding, clip the quilting threads, and wash it. It took me 18 months to get around to it. You can see why Christmas knitting doesn't worry me so much - I don't give a flip about deadlines.

Here's the vine-y free motion quilting I did down the green bars. I'm particularly proud of it.

contrary wife quilt motif

Some news that more closely relates to knitting:

The Yarn Goddess claims another as her own.

Cascade Bug


jenifleur said...

It really is good to start them off young. Bug will be crocheting wool soakers in no time flat.

Lynn said...

I really love that quilt. You did a great job!

Jaimi said...

OK, so the title of your post is cracking me up...I am a ninth grade English teacher and we do Romeo and Juliet...they say, "What ho!" all of the time, and my students die laughing and I have to stop and tell, Lord Montague is NOT calling Lady Montague a 'ho.

Good times.