Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The Bug's second Halloween has passed. He was a little more alert this year.

Bug as Wombat

Halloween #2
The Flash!

We had fun carving pumpkins last night, and of all of them, the Bug and Boo ones were the biggest hits with the kids. (Mommy! That one says Boo! Look, it does! And that one says BUG!)


We went to four neighbors' houses, and then got in the car to go visit friends with a boy Bug's age. We didn't get two blocks before he conked out in his seat, so we turned around and went home to dole out more candy. All in all, a fun evening.
(Well, except for when I started to pin out Frill and found a hole with two live stitches right in the middle, but we won't talk about that.)


jessie said...

Cute little bug!

The first year we took my daughter out for Halloween, she was two. I practiced over and over with her to say, "Trick or treat!" When we got up to the first house, she was of course overwhelmed and not quite sure what to do. I said, "Remember what to say!" She hesitated a moment and then yelled, "Candyyyyy!!!!"

It worked.

(She made it to 4 houses before conking out, but in the country, you have to drive, so....)

Lynn in Tucson said...

ACK! You found a WHAT???

Jaimi said...

You voted for lovely thread to fix my hole...will it work for yours??

Linda said...

Very cute pumpkins. Maybe I'll try "Boo" next year.
I had a little trick or treater at my door who, apparently for the first time in her life said Happy h'l'ween when promted to say trick or treat. She was so cute! Her mother was thrilled.

Alisha said...

Your little Flash Gordon bug is adorable!!! Next year he'll be right into it for sure!!