Sunday, November 12, 2006

I would like to direct your attention

Please note the counter in the sidebar. 42 days, people. Six weeks, plus a few hours. That is not nearly enough, I promise. Six freaking weeks.
I cut the Bug's hair yesterday. I think it's pretty cute. Suddenly he's a redhead. I'm not sure why, but he looks so much more like a little boy and less like a baby to me now. Anyway, a few photos.

Bug and stash
Small boy with yarn.

walking Bug
Ten years off my life.

Please note in that second picture - he's not just standing there, he's walking from end to end.

Clapotis proceeds apace. I have about four rows before I start the straight rows and get the entertainment of occasionally dropping stitches. I am easily entertained. No doubt that if I were Wannietta or The Harlot, I would have been done days ago, but I am a slooooooow knitter.

I am also considering throwing away the Heinous Purple Thing. I have plenty of that purple yarn, and I really think there's a project that would be less heinous. If I don't rip it, I'll never finish it, and then MIL won't have a knitted Christmas present.


jessie said...

Six weeks. I was just thinking about that today. My good intentions of doing Christmas shopping early are already too late. Deck the halls indeed.

Baby is getting big. My daughter was a climber and I got used to it but strangers at the playground never did. (Frequently heard just out of earshot, "Ashley/Megan/Brittney: Do not do what that little girl just did.") I'm a firm believer that if your child is halfway coordinated, he or she deserves to take some risks. My daughter is 7 and has never had an injury from being a mountain goat. I have a lot of gray hair, though.

Alisha said...

Don't remind me...6 weeks....~cringe~

What a cutie pie you have there!!!

Rabbitch said...

You're doing a countdown to xmoose?

Get back, evil wench! And I thought I liked you ...

Shanti said...

The change from baby to person is amazing, isn't it? He's adorable!