Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's been a loooong time

Yes, it's true, I didn't even have the grace to post about what I'm thankful for. I will tell you that one of the many things is this: no matter how they drive me crazy, whenever my family walks in the door for An Event, the first thing anyone says is, "How can I help?" Brilliant family feature, I must tell you.
A new thankfulness item on my list this year is AlkaSeltzer Cold and Sinus tabs. Ahhhh. I awoke the Morning After with sinus pressure so bad my teeth hurt. Blinking was excruciating. DH had to go out and run errands, and the darling man went to the pharmacy of his own accord, asked the pharmacist for a recommendation, and then brought me some with a glass of water. Sterling man, my husband. My body still feels somewhat trashed, but I no longer feel the need to lie around with a warm washcloth over my eyes, and I can actually focus on things. It's been wonderful. I still haven't knit more than a stitch or two in three days, first from stress, then busy-ness, then pain, but there is a light ahead. I hope when I get there I can find either my car keys, my cell phone, or both.
So, that is that. No knitting, only whining. Next weekend I have to throw a baby shower (why on earth did I sign up for that?!) and then it will be smooth sailing until next spring. Christmas will not be too involved this year, although with The Bug's newfound love of climbing, I may just have to decorate the tree and then lay it on the ground.


Judith Foldi said...

My sister used to put the tree in a playpen and the kids outside the playpen. It worked as long as they were just crawling.