Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh. My. Gawd. Y'all.

Jessie is a color genius. This is three skeins of Henry's Attic Andromeda (50/50 wool and silk) she dyed for me when I couldn't find the color of Lion and Lamb I wanted for my aunt's Christmas Clapotis. I haven't taken the picture below yet (it's dark, I'll add the picture tomorrow before I post) but I can guarantee that no piddly amount of camera skills I have will do this yarn justice. I can't freaking wait to knit it.

raspberry goodness
Sorry for the lack of artistic posing - the Bug was headed for the yarn.

Below, 6 skeins of Peruvian Highland wool, in rainbow colors. For a Dulaan hat pattern that has been swirling around in my head. Yeah, someone has probably knit it before, but I haven't seen it, so in my reality, I thunk it up all by myself.


Not pictured: the skeins of Knitpicks yarn I ordered on 10/24, that shipped on 10/25. La's opinion notwithstanding, I like Knitpicks yarns. But seriously, do they pick "extra slow" at the post office or what? It shipped on 10/25 according to the website, and it's not here. The yarn and A Piece of Vermont (Jessie) yarn both shipped on 10/30, a full FIVE days later, and BOTH of the later packages arrived first. Really, it's my only complaint about knitpicks thus far.
(Okay, after I wrote this post I wound five balls of Andean Silk into center pull balls and strung two with beads. Out of the 10 balls I ordered, three had knots. I think that's a little excessive. Even for cheap yarn.)

After all the new and wonderful yarns, it seems almost anticlimactic to show you Frill.


No, I don't know how to wear a stole gracefully. Why do you ask?


Alisha said...

Great yarn and you wear the stole fine!! It is beautiful too.

margene said...

Jessie does know her color! You do know how to wear the looks fabulous!

Jaimi said...

Maybe it's a silk thing because the Tilli?? Knots galore. I had six skeins, 210 yards each, and of them only one was knot free. The worst one had 8!! And that was some expensive yarn...I mean, at that price, it should have come with a little fairy to untie the knots.

jessie said...

Yay, I'm so glad you like the yarn in person!

It's not a matter of wearing a stole gracefully. It's a matter of taking the picture under the proper conditions. (The really artful bloggers hold the camera diagonally, only allow 30 percent of the FO to actually appear, and look off into the distance, like the heroine on the cover of a romance novel (without the hot, long-haired dude at their feet).

I like Frill anyway. :-)

Carrie K said...

Color geniuses are very good to have around!

I can't wear a stole gracefully and I've knit scads of them. (Okay, six. But I still feel like a fraud wearing one out). You look fine. Maybe I do too. Maybe it's our perception?