Sunday, January 28, 2007

And now for something completely different...

I bring you Silk Dyeing!
I had some silk I bought from eBay - it was a sweater someone had thrifted and unravelled.
Yarny goodness

Some of the yarn had rough or weak spots, but I figured there would be enough good stuff to make a Shetland Triangle. I skeined up my yarn, mixed my dye, threw it in the pot


let it cool, gave Bug a haircut


and chucked it in the washer to rinse out the excess dye. I think it was La (or mebbe Jen) who said that the rinse cycle was a bad idea, so I heeded that warning and selected the soak cycle. Turns out (you might wanna sit down for this)


My washer agitates on the soak cycle.
That is six and a half skeins of silk. I managed to separate the skeins from each other, but haven't even thought about trying to detangle that mess. Turns out I also tied the skeins too loosely. Damn.


tracey said...

Yikes! I hope it doesn't take too long to sort that out! The color is great looking!

Melanie said...

Oh MAN..I saw the picture coming and thought "holy Crap!"
I hope:
a) you are able to fix it OR
b) you did not spend too much on it and it won't be a complete heartbreak..I am so sorry!
(BTW think this is my first time posting..but I have been reading you for a while.) Yes, I am a lurker. =)

Desirée said...

Ouch. I say you activate your knitting-friends-phone-tree, rent some movies, get some wine, send bug and hubby out and have the gals help you untangle while watching movies, chatting and drinkin'. And I don't even drink! Oh, if only the world was that easy! Best of luck with it.

Carrie K said...

Oh NO! But pretty color. And such a handsome helper.

Barb said...

Oh, YIKES! I hope you can salvage it without too much headache. I hear patience is a virtue (wink)

Lynn said...


If you take Desiree's suggestion, I'm up for detangling. Sounds better than the day we've had around here.

Can I come shower at your house in the morning?


jessie said...

I was not prepared for that sad ending. You should have warned me.

Pretty colors....

Gale said...

It's a great colour though.

julia fc said...

Oh shit.

That's all I can say to that.

Worst news I've heard all day. But as desiree says, make a party out of it. Rent a farce like Noises Off or Formula 51 (fabulous sweater on Sam Jackson in that movie) or a spy thriller. Something with a lot of twiats, tangles and plot turns.

Anonymous said...

OUCH is right! Good Luck.

La said...

Ooooh, OUCH! You pulled a La!

Rules to follow:
2. Only use washer on spin cycle to remove excess moisture.
3. Kick self in butt

Margene said...

Oh no!! That totally sucks. Hope you are able to save it!

Claudia said...

Oh boy - been there, done that. My hubby likes to assemble jigsaw puzzles and when I have yarn barf like that, I try to convince him that untangling is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Most of the times I get lucky and he helps me. Good luck - I hope you will have the patience. The green is very cool tho'. Sometimes it is a good thing to listen to Jen and La. :-)

BigAlice said...

AAAgh! That's a terrible story ending. I hope you can get it untangled, the green silk would look gorgeous