Saturday, January 13, 2007

Family Outings

Today started out cloudy and chilly, so I bundled up the Bug and headed to Sabino Canyon for a hike. You know, my lungs don't so much like the uphills, and my knees don't so much like the downhills. It'd be great if they could flatten out that mountainous trail, you know?
Anyway, I did four miles, plus a scootch. I discovered that I am a big giant weenie, too - I kept thinking, "Man, the 2 mile rock must have been washed away, I bet I've gone almost three miles. I should turn around." Right as I thought I would, the 2 mile rock came into view.

Are you sure that doesn't say 20?

It was a lovely day, and I was only mildly depressed by all the old people passing me right and left, while I hauled my giant self, huffing and puffing, up the trail. I was a little discouraged by the thousand-year-old woman with a bright red beehive, jogging uphill in a miniskirt. Oy.

So, here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

Look, naturally occurring water in southern Arizona!

Sweet little white-tailed deer.

Funky tree in the river.

To see the rest, click here.

For the rest of the day, Bug just wants to do this:
Don't bother me, Mama, but hand me the remote, will ya?

Walked today:
4 miles (is that ALL?)


Lynn said...

Shucks! I was really hoping for a photo of the lady in the mini-skirt!
I'm freezing my *ss off. WHAT was she thinking???

Shelley said...

LOL, I was thinking what lynn should have taken a pic of the 1000 year old beehive lady...

Good job on the 4 miles! I need to get out and start walking myself.

Peach Pod said...

I want a picture of the beehive lady too! Confession: When I was a teenager I lived in a small, Southern town. For fun, we would abuse beehive women at the movies. Either we would see how much popcorn their hair would hold before we got busted or we would make a game of trying to get the hairpins out with getting noticed!

Carrie K said...

All? C'mon! four miles! that's pretty darn good. Especially up and down hills.

Yeah, I was looking forward to a pic of the beehive miniskirted old lady too.

It's freezing out! I'm thinking of walking a mile and a half for ice cream. Surely the cold will burn more calories. The size of a medium Coldstone Creamery? No?