Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting There

I have been making progress on my WIPs. I didn't officially join any stash-a-longs or UFO projects, but it has been my intention both to knit from my stash and to finish some UFO/WIPs. I knit much too slowly to finish all the projects out there that I'd like to make for myself. As a result, I tend to stash yarn and projects for ME. My goal in 2007 was to knit more for me. I still want to do charity projects, but last year I tried to do ambitious projects for others, and never did finish one thing for myself. (Well, not entirely true - I did finish three pairs of socks.) This year, I want to continue my charity knitting and do a little stash enhancement toward that end, but I'd really like to make some of the beautiful things I've had in mind, with the yarns I've bought for myself.
Progress continues on Tendrils, but since that's all I ever say, I'm not going to speak of it again until it's complete, washed, dyed, dry and ready for its closeup, Mr. DeMille. I finished the Irish Hiking Scarf last night and put it to soak in some Kookaburra wash. Tonight I'll have to take it out and lay it flat to dry, but I didn't have a place to do that last night. In the meantime, I got out my sad, neglected bearfoot socks to work on. They are all for me, so I can't wait to finish them.
Other projects slated this year:
  • Finish Sonnet - she only needs two sleeves

  • Faina scarf, in stashed Knitpicks Andean Treasure

  • Shetland Triangle, in stashed recycled 100% silk from eBay - what color?

  • Bombshell, in stashed Knitpicks Shine

  • I've been stash enhancing a little lately, too - it will be a little while before my latest purchase arrives, so I'll wait until they're all collected in one place to show off my latest pr0n.
    I will be doing the sock swap again, and I have some projects on the go for Dulaan, but I'm not going to put it all aside and neglect ME anymore!

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to add my paltry weekend walking to my total - it was cold and yucky, so we only went to the park. I did manage to get out today and walk to work.

    Walked, 0.6 miles


    Carrie K said...

    I think that sounds like a great idea, knit up some beautiful things for yourself.

    Snow! I wish we got a bit of snow. It was just cold.

    We will not speak of walking.