Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I blew it off

You totally knew I would.
Last night after Bug went to bed, I had no desire to play with that honking huge Tendrils, so I pulled out the IHS. That thing goes so fast, it's very gratifying. I think I did 5 repeats. About 6 inches or so! I love things that show progress after one sitting! I'll take IHS to SnB tonight too. Last week I tried to work on Tendrils there, and ended up really hosing the beads. (On one cable, I missed a bead in one row and put two in, two rows up. And I only knitted the three rows all night.)
Anyway, I stayed up too late again and I woke up late. Instead of being a whole hour late for work, I hopped on my bike. It was a brisk ride, and I got here huffing and puffing, but I'll live. I do enjoy riding. I just end up feeling a bit knotted up afterwards.
Oh yeah, and one more thing: I missed my own anniversary! TWO YEARS SMOKE-FREE. Awesome. (Even now, I wish I'd had my first cigarette of the morning before I took that pregnancy test!) I plan to start up again when I'm 70 or 75 and smoke a couple of packs a day, but until then I won't smell like an ashtray. YAY FOR ME!

2.6 miles walked


Lynn said...

Hey! I never knew! I'm ten years out myself (though I still think about them, regularly, in times of duress).

Cheryl said...

I'm making the Irish Hiking Scarf too - for the first time. I like it, and I'm sure I'll knit more. I think this one is destined to be a gift for my neighbor. And congrats on your non-smoking anniversary!

jennifleury said...

Congratulations!!! Hooray for no smoking anniversaries.