Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I have a secret

But I'm not ready to share it yet. I hope it will be ready this weekend.
In the meantime, I have been knitting a sock with my first Bearfoot. Moose Creek colorway. Pattern my own, inasmuch as a sock with a stitch pattern slapped on it can be considered mine. I took a picture because my blogless buddy Tracy wanted to see it.

Happy feet

This picture is in no way representative of the actual color of this yarn. It's deep blues, purple, black, green, with a little tan thrown in for good measure. Extremely soft, nice to work with, stretchy and squishy. All the things good yarn should be. I am also doing this sock using the Magic Loop technique, and I must say I'm enjoying it. I like having to keep track of only two needle tips.

I've taken the extra-long way home the last two days too, and I've enjoyed it. Well, except for that first bit when I leave the office and think about how much sooner I could be home, if only I would go the short way... But the walk is lovely, I listen to music and look for landscaping ideas in yards I've never noticed before, I walk through the park, and I arrive home feeling great. I've had DH drop me off about a block from the office on the way in the morning, so it rounds out my walking for the day to just over two miles. If I think of it, one of these days I'll bring my camera and show you what my walk looks like.

2.1 miles walked

2.1 miles walked


cheekiemary said...

Sock pattern (and yarn) is lovely - tell us! I am knitting my first ever "pair" of socks - made a couple first to check different toes, heels, gussets and toe up vs cuff down. Decided what I liked best and ripped it all out and started over, using toe up with short row, gusset, heel flap, and using Monkey for the top of the sock and the cuff (oh, yeah, decided to using the two circular needle option - I am just a fool for trying something new). Anyway, how will you do your heel?

Jaimi said...

I was thinking maybe the Bug is getting a sibling...but then you said it might be ready this weekend, and well, that just ain't possible!

jenifleur said...

Love that sock! You should definitely write up your pattern. A stitch pattern slapped on a sock is what makes the blog world go round.

BigAlice said...

That's great on the walking. Congratulations! Ha, speaking of being in my head, I wake up lately and think "groan, do I HAVE to walk today? It takes FOREVER." But you're right, I feel so much better when I do.
The sock pattern looks cool. I'm with Jen, do please write up your pattern when you're done.