Monday, January 08, 2007


It's work time again. ::sigh::
On one hand, I feel wiped out and tired because it's Monday, and on the other hand, I feel good and ready to go get started on a normal week for a change. I was late to work this morning, but I have nothing to do this afternoon, so I just accepted being late and walked the long way to work. I love walking under those oak trees while there's just a little bit of light in the east. Since we have nothing planned tonight, I will sit and knit on the last 34 rows on Tendrils before I start the edging.
Yup, it's true, I have about five inches left. Saturday I had 12. I am a speedy brilliant lazy knitter. I have decided that my brain cannot bear to go to 65 inches, and I will stop at 60. The overall stole will be about 63 inches long. In my estimation, that is more than long enough. Once I've finished, I will use up every blessed scrap of that yarn in charity hats, so I never ever have to see it again. (Well, every scrap except a little I save and dye with the thing itself, in case of tragic accidents.)
Bug was a little under the weather, digestively speaking, so instead of a long outing, we went to the park yesterday. When did my little boy learn how to ride the slide all by himself with no help from Mama? Sheesh! I really need to get out more. They must have taught him on the playground at daycare. He climbed the steps of the jungle gym like a pro, flipped around feet first and was down the slide no problem. (I tried to stop him that first time, but while he was dangling by the strap of his overalls, it occurred to me that he seemed to know what he was doing.) He even hopped off all by himself and ran around to do it again. Who is this big kid and where did my baby go?
Anyway, short walk and no biking this weekend puts me a little behind, but I am not worried.

Walked this weekend:
0.56 miles


Carrie K said...

Oh, no wonder you want to over dye it, you really can't see the pattern/beads. So annoying when that happens! But Tendrils is so pretty! And so very close to being done.

Uh oh. Bug is growing up.

Jaimi said...

Oh, sad...the little one is not so little. It hits me in waves with all of my boys. My oldest is almost as tall as I am! (And I am pretty tall--5' 7"). My middle son had his first sleepover and made it all night without missing home at all. My little one can zip and unzip his own footy pjs.

It must be time to think about one last one...

did I just say that?

Shhh, don't tell my husband.