Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh LAWDY how I love Fridays

Cuz that's when the weekend starts. Oh yeah.
And, as the mother of a toddler and the wife of a man who works almost every weekend, I have a big weekend of sitting around planned. Since my knitting looks the same, and I have nothing else interesting to report, I will show you what a bad mommy I am when I feed my kid.

Last night, the Bug had ice cream for dinner.

covered in goo
I'm saving that blob on my chest for later.

smeared ice cream
Hey Mama, I wasn't done licking that bowl.

Tonight, as I'm trying to get him ready for bed, he's having his very own latte in his sippy. (Because Daddy isn't here to give him sips of black coffee.)

sippy latte
I'll make it big in Seattle or Portland.


(For those dialing CPS right now, know this: He's getting his molars and the ice cream numbed his little mouth quite nicely, and the latte he's drinking has less caffeine than soda and less sugar than juice. And a whole lotta skim milk. So there.)

Oh yeah, I do have fibery news! Y'all NEED to see these yarns at Mystical Creations. That link is her ebay listing. You can search her store, and she also has a blog and her own domain. (I think! I can't find the links now.) LOOK at those colors. They leave me speechless, and that is a rare thing indeed.

Biking today:
3.1 miles