Sunday, January 21, 2007

WTF Wednesday, now on Sunday!

So, I have some photos to share with you, of my evening.


Poor sad grass?

Ice plants?

Sad beach towels.

More photos here.

Y'all, mild winters are our reward for living through our heinous summers! Damn.

1.7 miles walked


Lynn said...

Ha! Don't you dare complain about this weather! It's glorious!

I came home last night to find that DH and daughter had built a "snow princess," comlete with crown, as tall as my kid!

Lovin' every minute of it. Just wish I could be home in front of the fire with needles and yarn....

Cheryl said...

Sorry about your snow! Kvetch all you want about it. At least I'm sure it melted quickly, unlike here with our daily high of 25. And the heat went out in our office over the weekend. It was only 56 in my office when I got to work this morning. Screeee!