Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Feeties and FOs

La suggested we should post pictures of feets. Cute feets, preferably. I have risen to the challenge. But first, a FO.


They're so... what's the word?

Started Sunday, 2/25 and finished Wednesday, 2/28
Bachelor Button Shine Worsted, from Knitpicks, most of two balls bought for this very purpose
Mods: I added two cable repeats at the top, and decreased five of the four-stitch cables to two-stitch cables to tighten up the gap.

Nice pattern, easy to do, and I can't wait to have them for the office.

Click here to see what it looked like when I decided to swap the positions of a four-stitch cable and a two-stitch cable, after the fact.

And now for the feeties.

Pre-bath feeties

During-bath feeties

Post-bath feeties

ETA: there isn't anything wrong with his feet, he just likes to curl his toes

Fluffy toes

Greta toes

Peaches' toes

Toes and nose

Airborne toes

And for La, chubby fingers:

Note the raised pinky

And because I can, his newest favoritest toy ever:

He climbed in there all by himself

Things I like

BigAlice posted a random list of things she likes, and I like it.

Things I like:
  • Big Alice's list
  • The smell of pine trees on a hot day
  • Sitting by the fire
  • Hummingbirds (especially the whirring noise when they buzz by your head)
  • The sound of moving water, any kind
  • The smell of rain on a hot sidewalk, and that creosote smell after the rain clears
  • Major thunder and lightning
  • Watching my son smile when he goes down the Big Boy slide
  • That trilling noise he makes when he hears an airplane
  • Nibbling his toes while I get his jammies on
  • The way he works his hands under my hair to give me a big hug
  • Periwinkle
  • Blue cheese in my salad
  • Walking home
  • Early morning in a quiet house, when the birds are awake outside
  • Kitten toes
  • My dog Fluffy's extra soft ears
  • The way she groans in ecstasy when I scratch said ears
  • Colors, lots and lots of colors
  • Classical guitar
  • Spanish guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Blues guitar
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Eric Clapton
  • Shannon Curfman
  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd
  • Celtic knots
  • Cables
  • Cables with Celtic knots
  • Hand knit socks
  • Floating in the pool at twilight
  • Eating dinner on the deck
  • Drinking coffee on the deck
  • Potted flowers
  • Leaving the front door open when my jasmine vine blooms
  • Fresh lavender
  • Broccoli with garlic and olive oil
  • Maple creams from See's
  • Icicles
  • Christmas lights
  • Reading lists of other people's favorite things

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So far, Tuesday is shaping up better than Monday. For one thing, DH just left the house and we DIDN'T have a raging fight this morning, either in person or on the phone. The dog DID crap in the Bug's room again, but this morning I have training and I don't have to go in until later, so I have time to clean it up. I am actually ready at my normal time, so in addition to doggie leavings cleaned up, I will have some time to knit on fetching #2. I had time to do lots of laundry last night (folding it is not nearly so heinous when you're listening to Cast On) so this morning, instead of too-tight pants and the Underwear of Desperation, I have on my favorite jeans and my favorite skivvies.
See? A million reasons why Tuesday is better than Monday was, and it's only 6:30.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday bites

I am having A Day. It's 9:30, and the day is already screwed beyond redemption, I think. It may end up being just an "eh" day, but for now, I'm ready to write it off and start over on Tuesday.
This weekend ended up being sunny but fairly chilly. I know, I know, it's nothing compared to the monster ice and snow storms happening in the east and midwest, but still. My brain doesn't switch that fast. It takes me a couple of days of long sleeves to realize it's too hot for long sleeves, and it takes me a couple of days of flimsy t-shirts to realize I'm freezing. Anyway, it was a nice day yesterday, and we took the Bug to the park where he played and played and played some more. There were tons of bigger kids there playing, and watching them, I wondered again how we all lived through our childhoods. They were playing on the swings, doing flips and twisting and jumping like I remember doing, and I don't know why I didn't kill myself with my acrobatics. And I DO know why my mother's heart gave out at such a young age. Holy cow.
Anyway, I didn't knit on anything I'd already started, I cast on for a new project. Yes, I jumped on another bandwagon and knit myself a Fetching. I finished it last night (just the one) and it suffers from the problem I thought it would - it gapes at the top, near my fingers. I dunna like that, so I am going to pick out the binding and add either another cable round, some tighter ribbing, some decreases, or all of the above. I would keep going and make it into a fingerless glove instead of a mitt, but I'm making it with Shine Worsted (in a lovely Bachelor Button colorway, like dark periwinkle) and I think two layers of worsted between my fingers would annoy me deeply. I might use a little crocheted chain between the fingers to hold them on, or maybe a finger-loop around the index and little fingers... There are many possibilities with these cuties, so I'll play with them tonight and see what I like best.
I'd started these mitts once already, on DPNs, and hated every second. This time I tried them magic-loop style, and I must say I like that much much better. It's also nice to know that I can knit a tube with magic loop and avoid the dreaded ladders, so top-down socks are within the realm of possibility. I did use the DPNs for the thumb, and that wasn't terrible, so I may consider gloves at some point as well. Perhaps I will buy some smaller bamboo DPNs and cut them down to be short before I do that.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday, with sky

I got nada for knitting today, so I will distract you with photos.
First, the just-before-sunrise view from my desk.

A couple of minutes before sunrise, over the Rincon mountains

Next, a couple of photos of the Bug, accessories courtesy of Uncle Taco.

Wazzaaaaaap? They call me Bubba.

Redneck in thought

ETA: before you ask, I don't know where Uncle Taco got that binky, but a brief google search turned up this page. Use at your own risk, especially if you are the kind who isn't happy being the center of attention - once, while waiting to take off from a small airport, the captain came out of the cockpit, saw the binky (we were in the front row) and got on the intercom to tell the other passengers to make sure they got a look at the kid in the front row...

Not much walking yesterday - I got used to the warm spell and only had a thin cotton sweater on when the storm, wind and rain rolled in. The DH was kind enough to save me. Hmmm, I guess walking to Target and to get lunch wasn't entirely trivial.

Walked yesterday: 1 mile

Friday, February 23, 2007

Faina progress

Here is my sweet little Faina:


It doesn't look like much progress since the last progress photo, but there is some. I have three rows left on chart A, but I was too tired to finish it last night. The weekly tiredness is cumulative, so by Thursday or Friday night, I'm falling asleep at 8:30. Also, Wednesday night I worked on it some, but I wasted most of my evening trying to figure out why the stitches weren't lining up. Turns out that the loopy thing means ktbl instead of kfb. La tried to straighten me out yesterday; she told me, "and the loopy thing ALWAYS means Ktbl ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS except for when it doesn't". So helpful.

Anyway, this weekend it's supposed to be warm and sunny, so I aim to spend some good time outdoors with the Bug. I'll see how it goes with the scarf, but really, when it's close to 70 and sunny, who thinks of scarves?

Walked yesterday:
1 mile

Thursday, February 22, 2007

loose ends

Well, not really. Just... de-focussed. Ever since the red scarf and the Christmas knitting was finished, I have been lackadaisical about knitting. I have been working on my lattice sock, a little pattern of my own design. I have ripped and reknit parts several times. I miscounted and ended up ripping the whole heel and the associated increases. I have thought many times about the best way to do this or that, and the delays and the ripping don't bother me at all. Faina proceeds apace, a little here, a little there. I have no deadlines, and I LOVE IT. Knitting because I like to, not because I need to finish something yesterday. I do have a Dulaan deadline in a few months, but I am not worried. It was a little unsettling at first, like suddenly being out of a cage, but now I am enjoying the feeling immensely. I love making something that appears in its own good time, that is lovely because I took the time to make it so. (OOOh, that sounds a little egotistical, doesn't it? "Yes, I really am that good.")
Tomorrow, a Faina progress picture.

1 mile walked

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feeling better

Thanks for the commiseration and suggestions. Have you ever noticed that we put up with a whole dang lot we shouldn't? Few men would go to a store and buy a suit without having it tailored. Why on earth don't we have our things tailored to fit? Off the rack is great for instant gratification, but not so good unless we happen to be the designer's personal muse.
Anyway, I did go to Land's End. I'd been there before but navigated away, muttering about the cost for a bathing suit. Apparently, I want stylish, properly fit, and CHEAP. Then it occurred to me that either I'd keep said suit for a long long time, or it would outgrow me as I lose weight, and I'd have to replace it. Either way, I'd be happy so I went with it. On its way is a u-neck tankini top with a portrait style back, and a "swim mini". Never have I tried to swim in a skirt, so we'll see how it goes. (I'm still not sure why they think large women want "modesty" and only give the choice of the lowest cut leg available - don't they know that a higher cut makes a leg look longer and more slender? Sheesh! Modesty my ass.)
Given that success and the short walk home, I was feeling pretty decent last night, so I thank you for letting me rant. (Well, you couldn't stop me, as it is my blog, but thanks for the commiseration, at the very least. Anna Wintour, pay attention or we're going to force feed you twinkies and whole milk.)
Tonight, a haircut (oh YEAH), dinner with my new-mommy friend, and SnB! YAY!

Yesterday: walked 1.5 miles

Monday, February 19, 2007

It begins.

Saturday I had reasonable success at home, playing with The Bug, casting on Faina, working on my sock a little, and generally feeling good. Sunday hit me like a ton of bricks. It was cloudy, the Bug was fussy, the house was messy, and I felt like a slug. I didn't knit, I sat on the couch and watched movies with the Bug, and then played on the floor with his blocks when I started to feel guilty about how much tv he was watching.
Already in a bad mood anyway, I decided to seal the deal. I looked online for shorts and bathing suits. I'll state right away that I am a Large Marge, and am supremely picky about clothes anyway. I have no delusions about my weight, my size, my rolls, whatever. The thing I DON'T understand is this: if the Health Department is so busy wringing its collective hands about how one in every four Americans is obese, WHY DON'T CLOTHING STORES REFLECT THAT? Why are there 90 bathing suit choices under size 14 on LLBean, but 14 choices OVER size 14? If 25% of the population needs those clothes, why the HELL aren't there 30 styles? Why, in Target, are there two hanging racks and one shelf unit of plus-sized clothes and a WHOLE FLOOR SECTION of "misses" clothes? Why is it so hard for both clothing manufacturers AND store buyers to understand that fat chicks need attractive clothes too? (These are the same people who groan and grimace when fat girls show skin. Gimme a break y'all, either sell us some clothes or get used to mushroom top and holey t-shirts.)
Now, I know all that dreck about eating healthy and Movement instead of Exercise, and all that schtuff. But DUDE, I have a whole person to lose, and statistics are against me. (Not to mention the fact that I'm supremely lazy, addicted to instant gratification, and have a penchant for eating, well, whatever I happen to lay eyes on.) Anyway, even if I did start right this very minute and lose steadily at a healthful rate, no slipups, no "breaks", no plateaus, it would be a YEAR before I get to goal. Am I supposed to continue wearing my maternity swimsuit and the same ratty two pairs of shorts (that don't fit well anyway) until then?
I have this same rant every spring. For some reason it's easier for me to find jeans and pants than shorts. Why? Are my knees too fat to be shown in public? And don't get me started on "active wear". If I'm fat and I need to get active, don't I need good bras and unrestrictive clothes? Yeah, now try to find some.
Also, if anyone is offended by my use of the word "fat", tough. My blog.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled, mostly reasonable knitblogger.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Begone, stash weasels!

For I have cast on Faina.

Cute little scarflet.

Despite the fact that I had to cast on three times, I am enjoying this. It's a straightforward pattern, although it IS the first time I've tried to knit from a chart. Thank goodness for almost-all-purl WS rows. (And can I just say how it messes me up that the right side rows are the even ones? Apparently my brain is full, and that concept won't fit in there will all the rest of the uselss trivia.)

I have spent the rest of the weekend dealing with this:

Why are we always out of blue food coloring?

In happy news, I can say that sealing the grout from stains was a good idea.

Green beans make me happy.

It feels like folly to be starting an alpaca scarf for myself on the same day I'm contemplating turning on the air conditioning.

Friday, February 16, 2007

not yet.

Here it is, Friday, and I have not cast on for Faina. La says I needta, but I haven't had the time.
Actually, that's a total lie. Everybody has the same 24 hours a day. I just chose to spend my last several days' free time expanding on a great childhood experience: I read the last two books of the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. ...sigh...

WHAT? I just looked at the link and realized there is YET ANOTHER Little House book. YAY! Must go get it, but I'll cast on for Faina so La doesn't send the stash weasels to my house.

Anyway, have you read these books? It doesn't help things that they knit lace and hand-stitch it to their homemade clothes. I just want to move out to a farm, bake things from scratch, grow all my food from the garden, and be thankful that Pa shot some blackbirds because it's the first fresh meat we've had in years. I could do without the knife-wielding farm wife, though I've been thinking about her a lot. (It was in Little Town on the Prairie, when Laura teaches her first school.) Laura's opinion was that she was mean and selfish. It seems to me like she was mortally depressed. Seems like that kind of life could be monumentally rewarding, or soul-crushing in the worst way.
So, I looked up online to see if I could find pictures of Laura and Almanzo, and I did! How cute are they? Here is a link to the museum about her. Married 63 years, until his death. Started out with horse and buggy, ended up with Chrysler. She only died in 1957! I am completely amazed by the idea that she was still living when my mother was born.
Okay, enough of my nostalgia. If you haven't read them, do so. If you have, read them again. I'm going to go cast on for Faina, to stave off the stash weasels.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I heart NOTHING!

I think I got tired of using "heart" as a verb about the time I heart Huckabees came out. Oy. I do love hearts in everything but jewelry, though. (A few years ago, as we were watching yet ANOTHER stupid Zales commercial with that awful piano riff and they were showing the standard diamond heart pendant, I said, "GAWD I hate heart jewelry." DH paused a minute and said, "Gee, I wish I'd known that about a week ago." However, he got me a little watch with overlapping hearts on the band, and I swear it was the only piece of heart jewelry I've seen in the world so far that I've ever really loved.)
Anyway, that was random.
Today is the start of the Fainalong! (That makes me want to say Mackerelly. Mackerelease yourself. Oh yeah. Apparently I am all about the random today.) Anyway, since I doubt my poor long suffering husband would be unlikely to consider "casting on a scarf" as romantic - even if I was naked - I will wait until tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hating blogger a little less, because Cheryl of the comments and Abigail the Kitten are smarter than I.
The code AND the percentage bars both go in the same HTML widget! Thanks ladies.

On knitting news, I have nearly gotten to the heel of my lattice socks, and as I prepare to add the increases, I think I may have to rip. You see, the pattern has ONE spot that works fantabulously for adding the increases I like to put just before I start the short row heel. In this sock, I need them both for the extra stretch across my high instep, and to make up for the fact that the stockinette sole of these socks has a bigger gauge (bigger? smaller? It's fewer stitches per inch, whatever that is.) than the lattice stitch. However, the way it's falling on my foot, that spot either occurs half a repeat too short or too long, and adding the increases elsewhere in the pattern would be FUGLY. So mebbe I'll just rip it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Still hating Blogger, and I'm not very smart

Maybe those two things are related.
If anyone can tell me how to get my little percent bars back, I would be grateful. Stupid new template.
And I'm not very smart because I worked my fingers to the bone to finish Tendrils and Clapotis before the Birthday Extravaganza weekend, because I was going to see Aunts C and H and could give them their late presents. I did not do things because

Friday, February 09, 2007

Quickie Friday

I am feeling better today, thank goodness. DH also got the walking death, but he seems to have gotten an abbreviated version and is on the mend as well. He didn't even have to go to the doctor for the miraculous waiting room cure!
This weekend is my father's 80th birthday, so my little family is packing up to head out of town and celebrate with ol' Daddy-o. A little car knitting will be had, and maybe a little Bug-nap knitting too, but I am not holding my breath.
In the meantime, La asked for some Faina prep photos. I will be knitting my Faina from some stashed Knitpicks Andean Treasure in Embers Heather.

Mmmm, alpaca....

Ignore the weird ghosting from the label, and the color is fairly accurate.

I had originally bought this yarn to hold with Shimmer in Maple Leaf to knit myself a Clapotis. I think it would have been pretty, but I have already knit one Clapotis, and I want to move on. My motto is "Life is too short to knit the same pattern twice (unless I wanna)" and right now, I dunna wanna. Any ideas for my laceweight? I am not a great fan of variegated lace, so it should be a reasonably simple, solid pattern - I don't like meshes and prefer designs with the elements in positive space. Oh great knitbloggers, gimme your ideas!

On an unrelated note, don't you wish these were growing in your house?

Beauteous tulips

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Enough already

It occurred to me, when I considered titled this post "Blurgh" that I think I have posted about that before. Is it just me, or are this year's winter viruses particularly virulent? (Ha ha, word-nerd humor.) I almost never get sick, and just since New Year's I have had two head colds and two bouts of this stomach thing that's so ugly it's getting news coverage. I'm a little tired of it, and I'd like to speak to the management about the situation. (Not in person, really - no need for me to die of the stomach flu so I can go complain to God about it - I'd just like to pass on a message...)
So, this week, no walking. The stomach thing is flattening me. I hope I have not infected anyone. I keep wandering around like Typhoid Mary, thinking it's almost over and I must be getting better, despite evidence to the contrary. I finally went to the doctor yesterday, and while trying to describe my symptoms, I realized that simply going to the doctor is the best way to make them go away. The anecdotal evidence is staggering. You struggle with your illness for days, sometimes weeks, and when you finally go see a doctor, you're miraculously cured in the waiting room, and your physician thinks maybe you're just a hypochondriac.
Anyway, no walking, no biking, I even drive the Bug to the park. (Well, I stop there on the way home from daycare.) It's been beautiful outside. Mid to high 70s, sunshine, high clouds, soft breezes, and we've been making the most of it. Yesterday I ran the Bug around the park for about an hour, and he had so much fun, he conked out on my shoulder after dinner. He could barely keep his eyes open. Mama LOVES the park.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blogger blows

To those of you who've complained previously about the blogger upgrade, I abjectly apologize. I had not yet "upgraded" my template, nor used any of these ridiculous "widgets" and so I thought you were just whining. I understand now. I am sorry. Blogger bites harder and harder all the time.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

In all their glory

I have some finished objects.

First, Clapotis, finally.

Clapotis, here she is!

November 8, 2006 to December 21, 2006
Henry's Attic Andromeda, dyed by the artist Jessie
Knitpicks Options, 5mm

Glorious color!

My photographic skills are inadequate to show the beauty of Jessie's yarn. Go buy some. I'll wait.

And here's my secret.
I finished TENDRILS! Oh yeah.

I'm shy


August 20, 2006 to January 30, 2007
Knitpicks Andean Twist, in Prairie, overdyed by me
Knitpicks Options, 4.5mm

Upclose and personal

Original color on the left, freshly dyed color on the right. I overdyed it with a more or less equal combination of Emerald and Spruce Jacquard acid dyes.

Since then, I have been knitting on my bearfoot sock (one at a time, the dpns were killing me) and doing a little of this:

Upclose and personal

Hot damn

Lookie what I got!

Yarny goodness

That's two skeins of MCY sock yarn (celestial and Santa Fe golddust) at the top, a skein of Sock That Rock (Ruby Slippers), two skeins of Blue Moon Sock Candy (Thunder), another skein of Blue Moon Socks That Rock (Thistle), two skeins of Regia Bamboo (1068), one skein of Bearfoot (Evergreen), and one skein of Cherry Tree Hill (African Grey). All purchased in a month-long sock yarn orgy.

Knit from my stash, indeed.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Silent Poetry Reading

I wasn't going to participate, as I'm not a huge fan of most poetry, but Wendy reminded me of why I love Ogden Nash.


Celery, raw
Develops the jaw,
But celery, stewed,
Is more quietly chewed.

Ogden Nash