Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hating blogger a little less, because Cheryl of the comments and Abigail the Kitten are smarter than I.
The code AND the percentage bars both go in the same HTML widget! Thanks ladies.

On knitting news, I have nearly gotten to the heel of my lattice socks, and as I prepare to add the increases, I think I may have to rip. You see, the pattern has ONE spot that works fantabulously for adding the increases I like to put just before I start the short row heel. In this sock, I need them both for the extra stretch across my high instep, and to make up for the fact that the stockinette sole of these socks has a bigger gauge (bigger? smaller? It's fewer stitches per inch, whatever that is.) than the lattice stitch. However, the way it's falling on my foot, that spot either occurs half a repeat too short or too long, and adding the increases elsewhere in the pattern would be FUGLY. So mebbe I'll just rip it.