Thursday, February 08, 2007

Enough already

It occurred to me, when I considered titled this post "Blurgh" that I think I have posted about that before. Is it just me, or are this year's winter viruses particularly virulent? (Ha ha, word-nerd humor.) I almost never get sick, and just since New Year's I have had two head colds and two bouts of this stomach thing that's so ugly it's getting news coverage. I'm a little tired of it, and I'd like to speak to the management about the situation. (Not in person, really - no need for me to die of the stomach flu so I can go complain to God about it - I'd just like to pass on a message...)
So, this week, no walking. The stomach thing is flattening me. I hope I have not infected anyone. I keep wandering around like Typhoid Mary, thinking it's almost over and I must be getting better, despite evidence to the contrary. I finally went to the doctor yesterday, and while trying to describe my symptoms, I realized that simply going to the doctor is the best way to make them go away. The anecdotal evidence is staggering. You struggle with your illness for days, sometimes weeks, and when you finally go see a doctor, you're miraculously cured in the waiting room, and your physician thinks maybe you're just a hypochondriac.
Anyway, no walking, no biking, I even drive the Bug to the park. (Well, I stop there on the way home from daycare.) It's been beautiful outside. Mid to high 70s, sunshine, high clouds, soft breezes, and we've been making the most of it. Yesterday I ran the Bug around the park for about an hour, and he had so much fun, he conked out on my shoulder after dinner. He could barely keep his eyes open. Mama LOVES the park.