Friday, February 23, 2007

Faina progress

Here is my sweet little Faina:


It doesn't look like much progress since the last progress photo, but there is some. I have three rows left on chart A, but I was too tired to finish it last night. The weekly tiredness is cumulative, so by Thursday or Friday night, I'm falling asleep at 8:30. Also, Wednesday night I worked on it some, but I wasted most of my evening trying to figure out why the stitches weren't lining up. Turns out that the loopy thing means ktbl instead of kfb. La tried to straighten me out yesterday; she told me, "and the loopy thing ALWAYS means Ktbl ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS except for when it doesn't". So helpful.

Anyway, this weekend it's supposed to be warm and sunny, so I aim to spend some good time outdoors with the Bug. I'll see how it goes with the scarf, but really, when it's close to 70 and sunny, who thinks of scarves?

Walked yesterday:
1 mile