Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feeling better

Thanks for the commiseration and suggestions. Have you ever noticed that we put up with a whole dang lot we shouldn't? Few men would go to a store and buy a suit without having it tailored. Why on earth don't we have our things tailored to fit? Off the rack is great for instant gratification, but not so good unless we happen to be the designer's personal muse.
Anyway, I did go to Land's End. I'd been there before but navigated away, muttering about the cost for a bathing suit. Apparently, I want stylish, properly fit, and CHEAP. Then it occurred to me that either I'd keep said suit for a long long time, or it would outgrow me as I lose weight, and I'd have to replace it. Either way, I'd be happy so I went with it. On its way is a u-neck tankini top with a portrait style back, and a "swim mini". Never have I tried to swim in a skirt, so we'll see how it goes. (I'm still not sure why they think large women want "modesty" and only give the choice of the lowest cut leg available - don't they know that a higher cut makes a leg look longer and more slender? Sheesh! Modesty my ass.)
Given that success and the short walk home, I was feeling pretty decent last night, so I thank you for letting me rant. (Well, you couldn't stop me, as it is my blog, but thanks for the commiseration, at the very least. Anna Wintour, pay attention or we're going to force feed you twinkies and whole milk.)
Tonight, a haircut (oh YEAH), dinner with my new-mommy friend, and SnB! YAY!

Yesterday: walked 1.5 miles