Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I heart NOTHING!

I think I got tired of using "heart" as a verb about the time I heart Huckabees came out. Oy. I do love hearts in everything but jewelry, though. (A few years ago, as we were watching yet ANOTHER stupid Zales commercial with that awful piano riff and they were showing the standard diamond heart pendant, I said, "GAWD I hate heart jewelry." DH paused a minute and said, "Gee, I wish I'd known that about a week ago." However, he got me a little watch with overlapping hearts on the band, and I swear it was the only piece of heart jewelry I've seen in the world so far that I've ever really loved.)
Anyway, that was random.
Today is the start of the Fainalong! (That makes me want to say Mackerelly. Mackerelease yourself. Oh yeah. Apparently I am all about the random today.) Anyway, since I doubt my poor long suffering husband would be unlikely to consider "casting on a scarf" as romantic - even if I was naked - I will wait until tomorrow.