Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday bites

I am having A Day. It's 9:30, and the day is already screwed beyond redemption, I think. It may end up being just an "eh" day, but for now, I'm ready to write it off and start over on Tuesday.
This weekend ended up being sunny but fairly chilly. I know, I know, it's nothing compared to the monster ice and snow storms happening in the east and midwest, but still. My brain doesn't switch that fast. It takes me a couple of days of long sleeves to realize it's too hot for long sleeves, and it takes me a couple of days of flimsy t-shirts to realize I'm freezing. Anyway, it was a nice day yesterday, and we took the Bug to the park where he played and played and played some more. There were tons of bigger kids there playing, and watching them, I wondered again how we all lived through our childhoods. They were playing on the swings, doing flips and twisting and jumping like I remember doing, and I don't know why I didn't kill myself with my acrobatics. And I DO know why my mother's heart gave out at such a young age. Holy cow.
Anyway, I didn't knit on anything I'd already started, I cast on for a new project. Yes, I jumped on another bandwagon and knit myself a Fetching. I finished it last night (just the one) and it suffers from the problem I thought it would - it gapes at the top, near my fingers. I dunna like that, so I am going to pick out the binding and add either another cable round, some tighter ribbing, some decreases, or all of the above. I would keep going and make it into a fingerless glove instead of a mitt, but I'm making it with Shine Worsted (in a lovely Bachelor Button colorway, like dark periwinkle) and I think two layers of worsted between my fingers would annoy me deeply. I might use a little crocheted chain between the fingers to hold them on, or maybe a finger-loop around the index and little fingers... There are many possibilities with these cuties, so I'll play with them tonight and see what I like best.
I'd started these mitts once already, on DPNs, and hated every second. This time I tried them magic-loop style, and I must say I like that much much better. It's also nice to know that I can knit a tube with magic loop and avoid the dreaded ladders, so top-down socks are within the realm of possibility. I did use the DPNs for the thumb, and that wasn't terrible, so I may consider gloves at some point as well. Perhaps I will buy some smaller bamboo DPNs and cut them down to be short before I do that.