Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday, with sky

I got nada for knitting today, so I will distract you with photos.
First, the just-before-sunrise view from my desk.

A couple of minutes before sunrise, over the Rincon mountains

Next, a couple of photos of the Bug, accessories courtesy of Uncle Taco.

Wazzaaaaaap? They call me Bubba.

Redneck in thought

ETA: before you ask, I don't know where Uncle Taco got that binky, but a brief google search turned up this page. Use at your own risk, especially if you are the kind who isn't happy being the center of attention - once, while waiting to take off from a small airport, the captain came out of the cockpit, saw the binky (we were in the front row) and got on the intercom to tell the other passengers to make sure they got a look at the kid in the front row...

Not much walking yesterday - I got used to the warm spell and only had a thin cotton sweater on when the storm, wind and rain rolled in. The DH was kind enough to save me. Hmmm, I guess walking to Target and to get lunch wasn't entirely trivial.

Walked yesterday: 1 mile