Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Doldrums

They're here.
Well, technically they're not, because if I remember correctly, that literally means a windless area where a sailboat is stuck. It's been windy as all get out here, and I don't like it. I read recently (linked from a blogger I can't recall at this time) that some cultures think winds mess with your psychic energy and make it difficult to be peaceful and think clearly. I'd buy that right now. I can't even get restful sleep - my dreams are filled with death and guns on one horrible side, and the ability to fit into MY HUSBAND'S skinny jeans on the other side.
Anyway, it's been gross and windy here. My allergies have kicked up, which means I'm stuffy and tired, and it varies between chilly-enough-for-a-sweater and too-hot-for-jeans. (On the jeans front, it doesn't matter after tomorrow - we got a new CEO who feels that we can't work unless we're all wearing tidy clothes, so as of Monday, no jeans except on Fridays, and the rumor is that he's having the dress code rewritten to rule out jeans all together. Cuz I think much more creatively when I'm wearing a skirt.)
So, the gist of all my kvetching is that I have nothing interesting to show you. I have lots of interesting stuff for show and tell (including some fabulous yarn I won from Laurie) but I have been too wiped out at the end of the day to find the camera, load the battery, photograph said lovely items, and download pictures. I am a horrible, no good, very bad blogger. And really, I'm too wiped out to care. Tomorrow. Or Saturday. Sunday, at the absolute latest.